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If the total is ignored, why beneath his dignity; If not cherish, why hard to sustain.


Sometimes, accidentally know some things, just discover oneself care about is so ridiculous.


In order to the future, must now be a little bitter. Bowed their heads and not give up, give up is a coward.


Don’t be embarrassed refused to others, those not bashful anyway you are not what good man.


Everyone is a parabola, talent determine its opening, while the highest needs the efforts of the day after tomorrow.


The earth is round, because god wants to let those who lost or lost people to meet.


Relative to the waste of life, made mistakes in life, not only more honorable but more valuable.


You never know how much his love a person, unless you saw him and other people together.


We are the greatest of faults is the worst temper and the worst side of all of them to the closest.


Many times, the in the mind clearly not so want to, but could not control the yourself and say the opposite words.


Life, simple, without demanding too much, with full heart and full of love, is enough!


Some people to hello, because you are good to him; Some people to hello, because understand your good.


Rather than in someone else’s story with his own tears, not laugh loud in his story.


We are going to find their own life rhythm, and then will be unable to extricate themselves.


Please don’t make a fool of me, I have some things not I don’t know, but I see in the eye, buried in the heart.


The best thing in the world is when you embrace a of the person you love he held you more tightly.


All the pain, or joy, when it is a memory, there will be a hazy hazy beauty.


Heard the most moving love word is that you are not happy to bully me, anyway, I love you so.


Sleep is my only liberation, fell asleep, not sad not spirit not lonely, what all worries are not.


No matter how slow you are, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have determination, you will eventually reach the want to go to.


Long wings on your shoulders, too care about others criticism of the flight, so you don’t fly.


Forget the words above is a wu, here is a heart. Who want to forget, only dead heart, you just forget.


Migratory birds fly but the sea, not because they have no the courage, but the other side of the sea had no the wait.


Must remember these two things in life, not angry when making a decision, not happy when light make promises.


None of us had disappointed, who have been injured, but life is so, perfect just a fairy tale.


Go forward, believe that dream and persistence. Smile in the face of tomorrow, bread can have, everything will be some.


Everyone has a temper, is you endure all the anger, the man just because love you more than you.


How many time I endure in the past, now I ignored anodyne again with what not happy.


The original some do you think very important person, you don’t contact him, he really never contact you.


Emotional drama, I didn’t acting. Please don’t take me to your tolerance, as you shameless of capital!


If sad hard up at the sky, it so big, can include all of your grievance.


Life is choice, once you have made your choice, you must live in your decision.


If a man really loves you, he will not snub you more than three days, for the day of miss is very sad.


One day, I finally no longer miss him, because he left too long, my habit is no longer a habit.


There is always a time of life, full of nervous, but in addition to brave face, we have no other choice.


Person’s life is always crazy once, whether it is for a person, a love, in a word, or a dream.


When I gave up, I suddenly on the freedom, I finally understand what is natural.


The best relationship is, you can thoroughly do yourself, and the other half of your still infatuated with the real you.


Life is so short, the world is mess, I don’t want to quarrel, don’t want to the cold war, don’t want to and you have a second regret.


Don’t take my care for granted. No matter how much I love you, will eventually have a tired day.


We all have some say a secret, wan not return of regret, touch less than dream, forget love.


Time will let you know, who is hypocrisy, who is really love you, who will be desperate for you.


Never expect, never assume, never importune. Naturally, if destined to happen, will be as you wish.


The so-called dream, is not what I dream when you sleep, but think of what make you excited and couldn’t sleep.


Sometimes, we is not what people what matter, such as we such as time, such as time to change.


Do you have in a certain time, a street, listen to some music, recall something, think of someone.


Everyone tired, no one for you bear all shangbei, people always have a period of time to learn oneself grow up.


People, must get rid of the trouble, entertain foolish ideas or kill you. Dont want more don’t want to.


Time will tell you all the truth. Some things, wait until you gradually awake, to understand it is a mistake.


Every day to give up, but every day and insist on down. No umbrella child, must strive to run.


Girlfriend better to oneself, because after she admitted the existence of you to others, no one will be good to her.


Some people look at you for a lifetime, but ignore the lifetime; Some people you look at, but miss a lifetime.


Life is like journey, there is always a need to reach a destination. Because, is good more than one place.


Smile and silence are two effective weapon: a smile can solve a lot of problems, silence can avoid many problems.


Time is long, hot hot hot becomes cold water again, what’s more, you are constantly add ice into the glass.


Sometimes you have to pretend to smile, just as everything had not happened. This is not to give up, but is mature.


Couldn’t find a hold on reason, then find a reason to start again, life is so simple.


The wind can blow up a big piece of white paper, but can’t blow away a butterfly, because life force is disobedience.


Actually childish, also there’s nothing wrong. People will one day grow up, why the need for mature early, lost too early.


If life can refresh, copy, paste. Is it possible to logout, all shutdown, restart again.


You are in the mountain plum, I am the magpies fly in the sky, the magpies rest on a plum blossom, the wind and rain don’t fly.


When someone says: don’t look at mobile phones, not seconds back together information, even if the true love of modern.


I’m a little confused, and a little serious, occasionally have unrealistic ideas, but I have been doing myself.


Good-tempered man easy fat, because they put a lot of angry words are swallowed into the belly, the result is not so good digestion.


If life never meet, I am still me, you are still you, just missed the life most beautiful adventure.


I don’t want anyone to choose me because of my good. I need someone to see me is not good, but still want to me.


You have the right to refuse my love, but you cannot despise my love, because it is a sincerely for your beating heart.


Is you, will always be your; Not you, no matter how you, how to rob, also don’t belong to you.


Don’t always measure yourself in others’ position in the heart, live in other people’s eyes, is equal to lost self.


No autumn leaves faded and fallen, no hungry, bright and beautiful of the spring green shoots? Only know the lost, will have again.


Respect is a wisp of spring breeze, the spring of a give a person warm comfortable pills, a dose of inspiring.


Some people, some things, this forget to forget it, somebody else never put your trust in, you why unfounded worry.