11、tomorrow never comes.                     切莫依賴明天。
12、better to do well them than to say well.         說得好不如做得好。
13、do not put off the work of this day till tomorrow.  今日事今日必。
14、do not make much ado about nothing.          勿無事自擾。
15、doubt is key of knowledge.                   學貴有疑。
16、each man has his limitations.                 人各有所短。
17、the first step is hardest.                     萬事開頭難。
18、use makes perfect.                         熟能生巧。
19、virtue leads to happiness.                    美德使人快樂。
20、where there is a will, there is a way.           有志者事竟成。
21、you are never too old to learn.               活到老,學到老。
22、one today is worth two tomorrows.            今日比明日重要。
23、konow yourself.                           人貴有自知之明。
24、jump once but look twice.                 三思而後行。
25、it is never too late to mend.                改過決不嫌晚。

1、hasten , slowly.                           欲速則不達。
2、nothing seek , nothing find.                 無所求則無所獲。
3、nothing to be got without pains.              不勞無獲。
4、every is good for something.                天生之物必有用。
5、godliness with contentment is great gain.      知足者常樂。
6、quarrelling is the weapon of the weak.         吵架是弱者的武器。
7、questioning is the door knowledge.           學問學問,一學二問。共2頁,當前第1頁12

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