oh! think of me, my sweet beloved, so that i may feel it and so that your joy amid your delightful family, your kind friends and admirers may not be changed into bitterness and grief for me. think of me. of whom you are the life and soul. think of my love so profound, so pure, and so devoted, and wish i were with you. i am going to bed praying god for you and yours. i trust my prayers will not be fruitless, as i am asking for their happiness and yours, should it be at the cost of my own life.

if you knew how i need to know that you are happy, my beloved, almost as much as to know i am loved by you! i love you, more than anything else in the world. enjoy your success, this evening, my xxx, your beauty, your genius, and be happy with your delightful family. i will be proud and happy myself, provided amid all this you do not forget me. above all i do not wish to importune or compromise you. i only want to love you to my last sight.Would you like to marry me?


要是您知道我是如何祝福您,我的愛,那麼您也會覺得您愛我的心一點也不亞於我想您知道我是多麼愛您。我愛您,我對您的愛超過瞭人間世上的一切。今夜盡 情地為您的成功而歡樂吧,我的XXX,盡情地贊美您的美麗,贊美您的天才吧,為能與歡樂的傢人團聚而高興吧!要是您在歡樂的時刻沒有把我忘懷,我定當感到自豪和宰福。不管怎麼樣,最重要的是,我不想強求或委屈您,我隻想受著您直到瞑目之時。請你嫁給我好嗎?


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