西式婚禮英語主持詞分享 中英文對照版



  Judge: I think it’s time for the wedding to begin.


  Judge: All right, ladies and gentleman. Please take your place. The wedding ceremony is about to begin. 好,女士們,先生們。請各就各位,婚禮馬上就要開始瞭

  Judge: OK, (Sb.) start the music. 好,(某某)請放樂曲。

  [the music and ceremony begin] [婚禮進行曲響起,聖潔的婚禮正式開始]


  Judge: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matriomony. Do either of you have any reason why you should not legally be joined in marriage? 大傢好,我們今天在這裡出席這位男士和這位女士的神聖的婚禮。 請問你們倆彼此當中,有誰有什麼理由認為你們的婚盟不合法嗎?

  Is there anyone present who can show any just cause why these two people should not be legally joined in marriage? 在場的各位當中,有誰能提供正當的理由,指出這兩位的婚姻不合法嗎? (如果任何人知道有什麼理由使得這次婚姻不能成立,就請說出來)

  Then, (full name of the bridegroom here), do you take (full name of the bride here) to be your lawful, wedded wife? 好,(新郎正式姓名),你願意接受(新娘正式姓名),作為你的合法妻子嗎?

  bridegroom: I do. 新郎: 我願意。

  Judge: And you,(full name of the bride here),do you take (full name of the bridegroom here) to be your lawful, wedded husband? 好,(新娘正式姓名),你願意接受(新郎正式姓名),作為你的合法丈夫嗎?

  Bride: I do. 新娘: 我願意。

  Judge: The rings, please. 請交換結婚戒指。

  [The two rings should be put on the Bible held by the Judge. Then the bridegroom take one up and puts it on the bride’s finger. The bride take the other one up and puts int on the bridegroom’s finger. ] [ 兩枚婚戒被放到《聖經》上。新郎把其中一枚為新娘戴到她的手指上。 然後新娘把另一枚為新郎戴到他的手指上

  Judge: By the power vested in me by the laws of (the country name), I now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride now, (the full name of bridegroom here). 以(國傢名)法律所賦予的合法權利,我現在宣佈,你們正式結為合法夫妻。 你現在可以親吻你的妻子瞭,(新郎正式姓名)。

  [ the bridegroom lifts the veil and kisses the bride. The guests laugh,applaud,and throw confetti. ] [ 新郎此刻揭起新娘的面紗,親吻新娘。 親朋好友歡笑鼓掌,拋撒彩紙,慶賀美滿婚姻。]