1.Mysterious garden, prologue:

  Each of us to grow in the same blue planet; Each of us begins with one end of the flat or uneven.

  The world of men and women is romantic, interesting, a moment into eternity. What is love? Love is the cliffs rose, take it, you want to get real courage and faith. Today, there are a pair of people who love each other to realize their own dream.

  1、(music "wedding march")

  Host::listen, the ringing of the wedding, a sacred moment, Sir And madam, your wedding celebration st right in front of you, excuse me, at this very moment, on the table and means you will become the other half of each other, your shoulder is naturally shouldering a heavy responsibility, henceforth and forever together life, together to face everything in life; Are you ready?

  The couple common answer: ready.

  Host::ok, please give applause to a pair of intimate lover, we couple got on the stage, please. (new) on the stage

  Please couple join hands and common on st of your wedding.

  Host: the rain flower all over the sky floating down, however, the spread of romance and moved the world, love the people ah, when you together hug to each other, to this time of wedding temple, all blessings, all touched, will bloom into a tidal wave of applause at this moment, the applause will always be with you, set sail toward your beautiful life!

  2、 rings: (le: weak, the weak. "the star of Baghdad")

  Host::at this time of the colorful scene, at this time of the glorious; We please couple exchange rings, between the sea and you sincere affection to each other. (air explosive blast, the sky ring), (the couple rings)

  3、new common casting happiness fluorescent champagne tower. (music: "the power of love")

  Festive time is little not the same thing, it is champagne, the groom will open sweet champagne, casting their own happy life together.

  Pour champagne on: from a person’s wonderful to the world of two people, in tonight, glittering and translucent champagne slowly flowing between the crystal pagoda, as we have two new people to put their heart and their affection, to each other, mixing blend. Today, in such a beaming days, deep, let us wish both of you, bless you two, with your hands, industrious hands, to create a clean and beautiful heaven and earth, with your hands, industrious hands, to jointly build a deep meaning of the love mew, to create a better future.

  4、HeHeMeiMei wedding cake: (the goddess of the moon)

  In this festive day, the bride and groom will share good white one hundred wedding cake, it is a symbol of their pledge of eternal love and cut the ribbon for the future new life.

  Share the cake: white fragrant cake, sweet meimei, wish they would in the future life as it is – are rising.

  5、the four seasons water (music: "RouMan music")

  There is a place called love the sea, in the middle of the sea, there is a island, called love island, where there is blue sky, white clouds, green trees, clear water, fine sand, live with him and he loves her.

  When spring came, they sow the seeds of love, mood continuously watered with love, love the seeds to germinate, break out, they sunrise and tillage, whether with sweat attentive caress the bud of love, let them thrive. Summer, they feeling along the stone road, enjoy the scenery in the lover’s beach, the grandeur of the sunrise, sunrise is gorgeous, with a song of joy, respondents their sweet life. Autumn is the harvest season, colorful and poetic, reap the fruits of happiness in the heart, autumn is the rainy season, from the sea bring cool love makes them snuggling with each other, in the sunrise and the evening breeze, picturing enjoyable life. Winter feels some bleak, in fact, this season is more creative and life, mood bring white snow, layer cascade folds, covered the whole heart and they sweep open paved with stone road, dark red stone is gorgeous bloom like roses, dotted with the purity of the world. In the island of love, love bring happiness; In love island, mutual respect, mutual considerate, care for each other and live a life of love each other forever.

  6、married June (music: "ode to the motherland" prelude)

  Ladies and gentlemen, good then, let us to toast, total wish intimate lovers wedding June!

  Cheers! (host to guide the couple, both parents, groomsman bridesmaid lead all the guests to celebrate. Music "Nazi")