1.You’re the luckiest guy in the world. 你是世界上最幸運的人兒。

  2.May the coming years, fill your lives with love and happiness. 在未來的數年,將你的生命裝滿愛和快樂。

  3.May you have a long and loving life together. 願你們長久、熱愛生活在一起。

  4.We never knew two people better suited to each other. 我們從未見過如此般配的一對。

  5.Only once in a lifetime that a special dream comes true. And suddenly your entire world seems beautiful and new. Best wishes always! 一 生中隻有一次美夢實現的奇跡,你倆的整個世界頓時變得絢麗新奇。祝永遠幸福!

  6.May the joy you share on your wedding day Be the kind you’ll share all along life’s way. 願你倆婚禮之日分享的喜悅,將伴隨你倆共度人生的歲月。

  7.He must be extra special, because he is marrying a lovely girl. 新娘如此可愛,新郎必定英俊不凡。

  8.You two are a perfect match. Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. 你們是天生的一對,祝你們永遠幸福。

  9.A wish to two happy people for a future of dreams comes true, Congratulations! 祝兩個幸福的人兒,來日美夢都成現實。祝賀你們!

  10.God bless you and yours, and surround you ever with his blessing. 願上帝祝福你和你的愛人,永遠賜福於你們。

  11.May you two always be in love! May happiness increase with age. 願你倆永浴愛河,祝你倆幸福與年俱增。

  12.Wishing you a world of happiness and love as all your dreams come true. 但願天從人願,幸福與愛情無邊!

  13.Wishing you many years of joy and happiness. 祝你有用永遠的歡樂和幸福。

  14.For the Bride and Groom Wishing you love in your hearts, joy in your home. 為新娘和新郎祝福你愛在心中,在你的傢裡。


  15.Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness. 祝你們倆有豐富的愛和幸福。

  16.Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness. 最美好的祝願,祝你們終生愛情和幸福。

  17.Congratulations and best wishes. 致以衷心的祝賀和良好的祝願。

  18.Congratulations to both of you. 祝賀你們倆。

  19.Wishing you a wonderful beginning, and love to last a lifetime. 願你有一個美妙的開始,相愛一輩子。

  20.It is my great privilege, on this most auspicious occasion, to say a word of congratulation to the groom, Mr。 Smith, and to wish much happiness to his lovely bride。在這個良辰吉時,我很榮幸向新郎史密斯先生說恭喜,並祝他的可愛的新娘幸福美滿。

  21.Best wishes on a long and happy life together. 最美好的祝願在漫長而幸福的生活在一起。

  22.May your marriage be blessed with faith, joy, and love. 願你們的婚禮是有信心、喜樂和愛。

  23.Congratulations, wishing you guys the best life can give you. 祝賀,祝你們最好的生活所能給你的。

  24.I consider it a special privilege to wish the bride on behalf classmates the best of luck and much happiness on the occasion of her wedding。非常榮幸代表新娘的同學在新娘結婚的大喜之日來祝賀她多福、美滿。

  25.Congratulations and have a beautiful honeymoon。 恭喜你們,祝你們有個美好的蜜月。

  26.Today is indeed a joyous occasion for all of us present here。對我們列席的每個人而言,今天真是個令人歡欣的日子。

  27.I will conclude by congratulating the young couple on their marriage, and wishing them a long life of happiness together。最後我們恭喜這對年輕新人,祝他們白頭偕老,幸福美滿。

  28.You two are the prince and princess in a fairy tale and may you live happily everafter! 你倆正如童話故事中的王子和公主,祝你們永遠幸福快樂!