英語讀後感范文帶翻譯 英語讀後感怎麼寫

  讀後感是指讀瞭一本書,一篇文章,一段話,幾句名言,一段音樂,或者一段視頻後,把具體感受和得到的[1] 啟示寫成的文章。今天和大傢分享一下英語讀後感范文帶翻譯,一起來看看吧。


  The way to success

  As we all know, not all people can make success in their lives. Most people will meet with failures on the way to success. Why do some people get successful in their lives? I think there are three reasons. Firstly, they have strong willpower. Once they decide to do something, they will never give up. Secondly, they work hard. Once they set up a goal, they will work hard to achieve it. Thirdly, they never easily quit. They always stick to their aims. Therefore, these three reasons above are most important on the way to success.


  眾所周知,生活中不是每個人都能成功。大部分在成功的道路上會遇到失敗。為什麼有人會成功呢? 我認為有三個原因。首先,他們擁有堅強的意志力,一旦下定決心做某事,他們就永不放棄。二、我們工作很努力。一旦設置瞭目標,他們就會努力工作來實現這個目標。第三,他們從不輕易放棄,他們總是堅持自己的目標。因此以上三條就是通往成功道路的要素。


  The old man and the sea ". This summer, I read a famous American writer Ernest Hemingway’s novel "the old man and the sea". I have great admiration for novel purdah fisherman’s will, he let me know how a man must have perseverance that can succeed. Heruovel depicts a nearly 60 years old fisherman, in a single sea fishing, caught a big fish, yet pull not up. The old fisherman with fish moves after a few days, and found that it is a more than oneself the big marlin fishing boats to several times, although knowing is hard to win, but still don’t give up. Later for the big marlin wound fish odor drew a few of sharks rob food, but the old man still would not so give up, eventually beckoning, fish brought back the harbor, let the other fishermen to admire. When I read "the old fisherman thought: here off the coast is really too close, maybe in the more distant place will have more fish…" I have great admiration for the old fisherman, because he now hit some fish, but he didn’t status quo, but towards greater goals. See again, at ordinary times we met a little difficulty, we all suffer badly. We are the future of our motherland, should be like the old man as ambitious, to seek better, bigger targets.





  An Interesting Book The DA VINCI CODE is really a good book!

  It’s very interesting.Although I don’t have the knowledge of religion,I am crazy about it!However,my foreign teacher told me that some people who believe in Jesus don’t like this book.

  They hold the opinion that the book tells them something wrong.Because I know nothing about religion,I am not sure if it is true.I think that everything has pros and cons,we should learn the good things from the book and don’t care about the bad things.

  We can benefit from reading.We can learn lots of knowledge from books.

  Let’s read.Books are the food of our spirit.