關於建議的英語作文 優秀英語作文分享



  Dear **,

  I hear that you want to learn dancing while your parents don’t agree with you .However ,I don’t think this is a big difficulty .You can have a heartest talk with them ,telling them that you can persisit on studying hard and dancing is just an interest in your free time .You can become more athletic ,happier and healthier through the acitivity.The daily life will be more colorful,and at the same time ,you can get well with some new friends .It will be an important experience in your memory…

  yours ,


  Dear Principal,

  I’m writing this letter to you to talk about my view on the teaching methods. In my opinion, school should focus more on nurturing students’ personality and characteristics rather than academic results. The school should instill correct values by giving more lessons on core traditional values. Moreover, I believe that the school should organize more activities for students to join. For example, there can be more clubs and hobby groups, so that students can select those extra lessons based on their interest. I hope you will listen to my advice and build a great school environment.

  Thank you.


  Distinguished leaders of Jinan Iron and Steel Environmental Protection Department:


  I was the first primary and secondary school of Jinan University, a primary school students, Jinan Iron and Steel has just had a dramatic change. However, Jinan Iron and Steel in the environmental aspects of the surface there are some bad places.

  I found that Jinan Iron and Steel trash has been on a serious flaw, that is, there is no classification of garbage. Jigang’s trash can every one is solitary, not grouped, so that recyclable rubbish and non-recyclable rubbish and hazardous waste are placed in a bucket, so that a large part of Jeju Steel’s community Recyclable garbage can not be recycled, and caused a large waste of resources. Such a waste of the problem should get your attention, I suggest you on the whole of the steel community of the trash can be a comprehensive upgrade, transformation. The specific program is as follows:

  1, three garbage collectively referred to as a group, the first Sheng can recover garbage, the second Sheng can not be recycled garbage, the third Sheng harmful garbage.

  2, in the trash can be marked with recyclable garbage, not recyclable garbage, hazardous garbage refers to what is the garbage.

  3, be sure to keep the trash clean, can not smell the trash.

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