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  12 May 2006

  Dear Mary,

  I am sorry to trouble you, but nobody would come into my mind to help me except you.

  You know, I had planned this holiday for several years. A t last, my dream came true. You could imagine how excited I was. My mind was completely occupied with the holiday. I forgot to collect my laundry. I don’t know if you can help me collect my laundry. I sent the laundry to the John’s. It is the one down the corner on St. Peter’s Street. You can’t miss it, because the house is painted green-a big green house. I have got two pairs of trousers, three shirts, one T-shirt and a blanket. Call a taxi to send you home. I will pay you back when I am home.

  My first stop is London. It is raining. The streets are very clean. How I wish I could have the chance to see the famous London fog. But someone told me that was already the history. One can only read things like that about London in books.

  My best wishes to you.

  Yours sincerely, Peter Chen


  22 March 2006

  Dear Ms. Reinhart,

  I am terribly sorry that I failed to arrive at BLCU last Friday. I hope that this did not mess you up completely, although I know that you had already made some special arrangements for my visit with you parents and friends. I am very sorry about all that. I am sure you will be sympathetic, however, when I tell you that my father is dangerously ill in hospital, and that I found it impossible to leave for the visit when he is in this state.

  My father was working very hard on his project on protecting the environment. I know the project has come to a very important stage. He and his assistants did not take regular rest for three weeks. Last night, my father had a heart attack and was soon sent to the hospital. The doctor said my father was in a very serious situation, and, he might need an operation.

  24 hours have passed. Nothing has changed. I have to stay at the hospital. I will let you know if there is any good news.

  I am sorry again and look forward to seeing you soon.

  Yours sincerely,

  Tom Williams

  Useful Expressions:

  I must apologize for. . .

  I do apologize for. . .

  I am awfully/terribly sorry about. . .

  I offended you quite unintentionally.

  Please accept my apologies.

  This is one of the reasons I couldn’t make it.


  Dear Tom,

  Thanks for your letter which finally caught up with me in London. I suppose you’re keen to hear how the trip has been so far. So here’s a short description of what’s happened.

  Well, you remember we left Sydney on Monday and arrived in London 24 hours later. After such a long and exhausting flight the first thing we did was to have a good, long sleep. And after that?a good meal to make up for all that horrible airline stuff!

  The first real day of our holiday was spent just walking around London to get a feel of the place. After that, however, we were more particular and planned each day carefully.

  First, we looked at all the historical sights, such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, the British Museum and the National Gallery. Then we visited some other famous places, such as Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath. Finally, we took a one-day trip to Oxford, which is really the most marvelous town. You should make sure to go there when you visit England.

  After we had seen a lot of London, we flew to Paris. A t first, we didn’t like the place-I suppose because it was so different from London. Later, though, we began to really love it and started to appreciate its differentness.

  The final stage of our trip is a visit to Rome, after which we will be staying in Singapore for two days before returning to Australia.

  Hope everyone is well. See you soon.