簡單英語音標繞口令 輕松學習英語音標



  〔1〕writer named Wright was instructing his little son how to write Wright right. He said:" It is not right to write Wright as ‘rite’-try to write Wright aright!

  〔2〕Ann sent Andy ten hens and Andy sent Ann ten pens.

  〔3〕Canners can can what they can can but can not can things can’t be canned.

  〔4〕Good cookies could be cooked by a good cook if a good cook could cook good cookies.

  〔5〕Jenny and Jimmy went to Jamaica and Germany in January, but Joan and John went to Jordan and Japan in June and July.

  〔6〕A cricket critically cricked at a critical cricket match, and so this cricket quitted the cricket match quickly.

  〔7〕Bill’s big brother is building a beautiful building between two big brick blocks.

  〔8〕There are thirty thousand feathers on that thrush’s throat.

  〔9〕A flea and a fly were trapped in a flue, and they tried to flee for their life. The flea said to the fly "let”s flee!" and the fly said to the flea"Let’s fly!.Finally both the flea and fly managed to flee through a flaw in the flue.

  〔10〕Peter Piper picked a peck of picket prepared by his parents and put them in a big paper plate.

  〔11〕The rat-catcher can’t catch caught rats.

  〔12〕Six silly sisters sell silk to six sickly senior citizens.

  〔13〕Ten tiny tortoises tried to talk to twenty timid toads.

  〔14〕How many cuckoos could a good cook cook if a cook could cook cuckoos?

  〔15〕Three thumping tigers are tickling trout.

  〔16〕Sheep shouldn’t sleep in shaky shacks, should they?

  〔17〕A spoiled boy destroyed a toy for joy.

  〔18〕Nick had a big pig with thick sticky skin.

  〔19〕Cat, cat, catch that fat rat!

  〔20〕Some say sweet-scented shaving soap soothes sore skin.

  〔21〕Big blue balloons bounced by Billy’s brown bike.

  〔22〕Five fine funny frogs frowned on furry furniture.

  〔23〕The nurses in skirts washed thirty dirty shirts.

  〔24〕If a chow chews shoes, how does he choose which shoes to chew?

  25〕Little Willie’s wooden whistle wouldn’t whistle.

  〔26〕Better beat a bit of butter to make a better batter.

  〔27〕Lots of little London Lamplighters light London’s lots of little lamps.

  〔28〕Shadows shade the sheltered shallows.

  〔29〕His shirt soon shrank in the suds.

  〔30〕As the roaring rocket rose, the restless roosters rollicked.

  〔31〕The next number is neither nine nor nineteen.

  〔32〕Sally Sue sat sadly saying sixty-six syllables to silly Sandy.

  〔33〕The frozen fishermen threw their frozen fish back in again.

  〔34〕An elevator on Everest is an Everest elevator.

  〔35〕Swan, swim over the sea. Swim, Swan, swim! swan, swim back again. Well swum, Swan!

  〔36〕I see seven seagulls soaring southwards silently.

  〔37〕Tommy Tye tried to tie his tie but tugging too tight tore his tie.

  〔38〕The dude dropped in at the Dewdrop Inn for a drop of drink.

  〔39〕Mrs Snelling’s selling six sick six-shilling sheep.

  〔40〕Tiny Tommy Tortoise talked to Tessie Turtle on telephone ten times today.

  〔41〕Sixty-seven sacks of salt sitting side by side.

  〔42〕Can Christmas come twice?If Christmas can come twice, when else can Christmas come?

  〔44〕Mrs Claton collects coconut cookies and crunches while she’s counting crutches.

  〔45〕The man with fair hair dare not repair their chairs there because there is a bear there.

  〔46〕Master Carl asks his class not to go to the parks to play cards.

  〔47〕When a doctor doctors another doctor, does he doctor the doctored doctor the way the doctored doctor wants to be doctored or does he doctor the doctored doctor the way the doctoring doctor wants to doctor the doctor?

  〔48〕How much wood would a woodcutter cut if a woodcutter could cut wood? He’d cut as much wood as a woodcutter could if a wood cutter could cut wood.

  〔49〕Nina needs nine knitting needles to knit naughty Nita’s knickersnicely.

  〔50〕I don’t know why Joan showed a yellow coat to the goat in the snow.