介紹產品的英語文章怎麼寫 產品英語文章分享



  Please look at the brilliantly attracting mobile phone in front of you.This is the latest product of the NOKIA.I’m sure that you are absolutely amused by its perfect appearance,such as the silver-white metal shell,properly colored keyboard,the crystal screen,etc.

  Of course,it’s not persuasive to just judge it from the outside.There’s no need to mention the ordinary functions as a mobile,so let me show you the unique and significant functions belonging to it.First,it has the google authorized GPS software,which can bring you a quite clear way when you step out in the open air.Second,the mobile phone can connect to the newly developed 3G net.This can provide you with a series of services such as watching videos,listening to music,delivering pictures and so on.At last,the most essential,it’s not expensive in comparison with its fellow products.

  So if you are considering to buy a new mobile phone and wondering which one to choose,I think this kind is an excellent choice.





  Computer is the most famous invention now. It has many advantages and disadvantages. For the good side, first of all, it’s so convenient that we can use it to do our account. The second, as the developing of internet, computers made our world smaller and smaller.

  Third, we have a lot of fun with computers; it’s really useful for us. For the disadvantages, first, we spend more time before computers and less time on communications with others, it makes our society colder. Then, within the inventing of online games, many children trapped in the games and give up their study. It’s a serious problem.

  The last, now scientists have found that computers are somewhat harmful to our health. Generally speaking, computer is very important to our life though it’s not a perfect





  Now , we have great pleasure in troducing you our company. our company is found before several decade and producting all kinds of digital products. Have made a market research,we find that these things make our lives easier.

  The digital products like the computer and the cell phone have completely made a great impact on our life. These products have both led to much greater efficiency in many aspects of our daily lives and produced many economic benefits as well. The digital age has contributed to many labor saving technologies at the same time as improving the quality standards of production..

  Because our company wants to extend ,so we need to hire someone to our company. If you want to be emploeed,just give your recommend letter to our company. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  現在 我非常樂意介紹我們公司 我們公司的建立有很長的時間和各種數碼產品 有一個市場研究 我們發現這些東西使我們生活更快 這些數碼產品象電腦和手機對我們生活有巨大的影響 這些產品導致我們更有效率利用我們每天的生活並且還有經濟效益 數碼產品有助於我們勞力的節省同樣也還有更精確的產品

  這些數碼產品象電腦和手機對我們生活有巨大的影響 這些產品導致我們更有效率利用我們每天的生活並且還有經濟效益 數碼產品有助於我們勞力的節省同樣也還有更精確的產品因為我們公司在擴展 所以我們公司需要聘用某人到我們公司 如果你想加入 僅僅給我們公司寫一封介紹信 我們期待你的加入