英語演講稿范文分享 英語演講稿怎麼寫



  everybody good afternoon:.

  first of all thank the teacher gave me a story in my own future ideal job.

  everyone has a dream job. my dream is to become a boss, own a company.

  in order to achieve my dreams, i need to find a good job, to accumulate some experience and wealth, it is the necessary things

  of course, in the school good achievement and rich knowledge is also very important. good achievement and rich experience can let me work to make the right choice, have more opportunities and achievements.

  at the same time, communication is very important, because it determines whether my company has a good future development. so i need to exercise their communicative ability. i need to use all of the free time to learn all. because i believe, there is nothing in the world can shake my determination.

  you will be successful, as your own efforts. so seize the time, we have no time to waste.

  nothing in the world can change their patience ( confidence ).


  dear my friends,

  do you know what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world ?money?you may lose everything you have if you don’t use money carefull enough.youth?in one’s long life youth is like a flash in the pan and no one in the world has the secret to keep his youth forever.beautiful look?many people pray that they can get hold of beauty,but it disappears far more quickly than they can imagine.and when they are in real trouble beauty itself feels helpless.a good job?as you grow older and your brain and hands can’t work as fast as will become other people’s wealth.

  then what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world?

  when you are far away from your family and feel especially lonely,who will you think of?when you stand on the crossoad in your life and don’t know which way to choose,who will you think of?when you encounter greater difficulties than ever and need other’s encouragement,who will you think of?when you decide to make the greatest decision in your favorite course,who shed cheerful tears when see you get achievements?whose wholehearted blessing will be always with you no matter how far you will go?

  yes,it’s mother who you will always think of and it’s mother’s love that willbe always be with you.

  i once heard a moving story about a mother.two childrens were drawn into the flood and the situations was very dangerous.their mother jumped into the water without hesitation.but the mother couldn’t swim at all.jumping into the water means she might lose her life.but at that time she had no time to think about herself.she just wanted to try all means to save her children.maybe her courage touched the god.the miracle happened.she finally succeeded in saving her both children.and she,of course,felt extremely exhausted.

  my friends,mother’s love is the greatest love.mother’s love is the safest matter you are happy or depressed ,rich or poor ,mother’s love will always stay with you.

  thank you.


  good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

  today i’d like to share my personal experience of happiness and bitterness of being an english teacher。

  i remember, five years ago, when i stood at the teacher’s desk for the first time, maybe because i was too young, maybe because i was too inexperienced, the students in my class paid no attention to me, didn’t behave themselves at all。 i felt ashamed and helpless。 in order to save my face, i just criticized the students seriously whenever they talked in class or even moved a little。 i thought sooner or later, they would listen to me。 yes, i could control the class now, but the students and the atmosphere became strange。 no, they were not listening to me。 it was too quiet。 the breathless silence urged me to consider the way i was teaching。

  then 1 august xx, i got the chance to study the new course of english。 until then could i realized that it was my frozen eyes that make the students flinch, it was my stiff face that trod out the enthusiasm in the children’s hearts。 how to stimulate my class and show my warmth, so that they can enjoy their study in english? i had a deep thought。

  it’s smile。 there is a kindness called smile。 it is the most beautiful language in the world。 it can make distance no distance。 “just awake the students with a smiling face!”i said to myself。

  the next day, when i stood on the stage with a smiling face, when i asked the questions with a smile, when i encouraged the children in a friendly way, the students were just shocked! but i could find there was more happiness and excitement in their eyes! gradually, they got used to it, and participated in my teaching。 as i predicted, that class became a lovely one。 i was moved, and said“thank you for listening, boys and girls!”

  in the following days, i keep on working even harder。 i prepare my lessons carefully。 i use flash, pictures, riddles, and interesting stories to make great efforts to help the students to learn more。 but i will never forget one thing: smile, give them a smile, to give them strength, to let them feel happy, to make them confident。 the children do enjoy the english lesson now, when they tell me the answers in great excitement, i can feel their gladness, and my smile is more sincerely than ever!

  there is kindness called smile。 from the children’s yearning eyes, i understand, it is smile that makes my students and i get closer, it is smile that fills the kindness to my english class, it is smile that shapes me popular english teacher finally。

  that’s all。 thank you very much!