英語個人簡歷怎麼寫 英語個人簡歷范文


  (一)英文個人簡歷 RESUME

  Personal Information:

  Name: Hu xiao-lu Sex: Male

  Date of Birth: Dec. 28th, 1989 Native Place: Meishan Sichuan, P.R.China Health: Good

  Marital Status: Unmarried

  Address: College of Biology and Chemical Engineering, Panzhihua University, Panzhihua.

  P.R.China 617000

  Tel: +8615583559277 (MP) , E-mail:


  Exploitation on teaching, management or research in university or academy;


  2008.9――.6 Sichuan University Bachelor in Biology chemical engineering

  Practice Experiences:

  1997.7――2002.9 Panzhihua University Teacher as instructor in chemical engineering

  department, engaging in courses teaching, experimental teaching and thesis instructing, etc.

   2002.9――2006.10 Participate in many projects and designs, have four-year experiences

  Summary of Abilities:

  Be familiar with basic knowledge and principle of metallurgical engineering and chemical

  engineering, and be skillful in using Microsoft Office, Origin, Jade, XRD, GC, particle size analyzer software and instruments, etc.

  Be accomplished in science research and design.

  Passed CET-4 and CET-6, fluent in English (reading/writing/listening/speaking), especially in special English on chemical engineering and process.


  Sureness, honest, able-minded, laborious, could cooperate with others well, have strong ability of practice.

  Project List:

  Synthesis Mechanism and Properties of TiO2 with Ordered Mesoporous Structure through Titanium Sulfate Hydrolysis Process Induced by Supermolecular Template (Chinese Natural National Foundation, 50474071)

  Preparation of nanometer titania via crystal aberration in high density ultrasonic field and thermal decomposition (Chinese Natural National Foundation, 50274056)

  Preparation of lithium ion rechargeable battery using cobalt instead of manganese (Sichuan

  province basic application foundation, 02GY029-031)

  Preparation of No. II preservative agent of Mango (Panzhihua importance science & technology

  tackle key problem foundation, 20011-21 )

  Basic academic study of SO42-,Cl- on deposition and crystallization of nickel

  carbonate (Jinchuan aggregative Co. Ltd. (Sichuan University, 04H433) )

  Preparation of sub-micronmeter high purity orbicular nickel powder (Jinchuan aggregative Co.

  Ltd. (Sichuan University, 04H440))

  Study of chemical electroless of Ni-Cu-P (Panzhihua University)

  Preparation and application of coating hydroxylapatite (Panzhihua University)

  Preparation of newfashioned anode of lithium ion rechargeable battery (Panzhihua

  University, 2005-B05); etc.

  Publication List:

  Publishing papers 17, conference papers 7, employed papers 3 (EI embody) , Patent 1, magnum opus:  Tian, Cong-Xue; un; Li Hai; Zhang, Zhao. Synthesis of spinel by supersonic Co-precipitation

  method as an anode for rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Electronic Components & Materials, 2005,24(3):10~13;(SCI 8397215,EI 8397215(Inspec))

  Huang, Zai-Chun; Tian, Cong-Xue. Experimental study of the synthesis of hydroxyapatite in water solution. Journal of the Chengdu Institute of Technology, 2002,29(3):350~354;(EI


  Tian, Cong-Xue; Yang Dong-Ping. A study of additives for electroless plating Ni-Cu-P. Electroplating & pollution control, 2002,22(6):12~14;  Tian, Cong-Xue; Zhang, Zhao; Hou, Jun; Li Hai. Synthesis and characterization of non-stoichiometric

  spinel as anode for rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Chinese doctor forum in Tianjin University, 2005, Tianjin University, 226~227;

  Shen Jun; Zhang Ming-Jun; Tian, Cong-Xue; Zhang, Zhao. Synthesis and characterization of

  mesoporous TiO2-SO42-. Cuihua Xuebao, employed(SCI、EI embody) Patent: You Xian-Gui; Huang Xue-Chao; Tian Cong-xue; etc. A method of preparing sub-micronmeter orbicular nickel powder. (Appl. No. 200610065021.7)

  (二)英文個人簡歷 RESUME

  Curriculum Vitae

  Name: ****** Gender: Male Race: Han

  Date of Birth: May 28, 1977 Political Affiliation: Party Member Address:

  International School, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710038 Telephone: ********** (fixed telephone) ********** (cellphone) Hobbies: Education:

  2004—2008 Taiyuan No.5 Senior School, Shanxi Province 2008— Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi Province Major: Applied English Language:

  Chinese and English (both fluent in Listening, speaking, reading and writing) Main Courses:

  Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Spoken English, English listening, English Grammar, English Writing, Translation Awards and Scholarships:

  008 “Excellent League member”, Jiaotong University; 2009 “National Inspirational Scholarship”, Jiaotong University Other Training:


  Professional Experience:

  2009 Tutor for a junior middle school student;

  Seller of English Weekly

   Member of aid education group at college