Hello everyone and good morning! I am very privileged to be given this platform by the professor and really happy to introduce myself. My name is XX, 19 years old, from XXX, which is a very beautiful place!I am very happy coming to XXX and able to study with you all for the next 4 years. We are all from every corner of the country, which is a kind of fate. I like reading, playing computer and also love the subject of maths. But unfortunately, we don’t have this subject here.My ideal is to be a director and one day be able to make my own movies. Therefore I have chosen this major and I have every confidence that I shall do very well.I believe that all of you have chosen the same subject must share the same love with me. Hope we shall learn from each other in the coming 4 years. Help each other so that we all could hand in satisfactory results for our tomorrow .

  早上好,同學們 很高興能夠介紹自己,也很高興教授能給我這樣一個平臺。我叫***,今年19歲,我來自*****,那是一個美麗的地方。 來到******,和大傢能夠在一起四年的學習,我很高興,大傢從全國各地來到這裡,也是一種緣分。我喜歡看書,玩電腦,也很喜歡數學這門學科,但是遺憾的是我們並沒有這門課程。 我的理想是做一名導演,希望有一天能夠拍自己的電影,所以我選擇瞭這個專業,也有信心把它學好。 相信同學們選擇這個專業也是出於同樣的愛好,在今後的四年中,希望大傢相互學習,相互幫助,為我們的明天交上一份滿意的答卷。