經典英語詩歌推薦 感受詩歌的韻律美




  Rain is falling all around, 雨兒在到處降落,

  It falls on field and tree, 它落在田野和樹梢,

  It rains on the umbrella here, 它落在這邊的雨傘上,

  And on the ships at sea. 又落在航行海上的船隻。

  2、O Sailor, Come Ashore啊!水手,上岸吧

  (Part I)

  O sailor, come ashore 啊!水手,上岸吧

  What have you brought for me? 你給我帶來什麼?

  Red coral , white coral, 海裡的珊瑚,

  Coral from the sea. 紅的,白的。

  (Part II)

  I did not dig it from the ground 它不是我從地下挖的,

  Nor pluck it from a tree; 也不是從樹上摘的;

  Feeble insects made it 它是暴風雨的海裹

  In the stormy sea. 弱小昆蟲做成的。


  (Part I)

  Who has seen the wind? 誰曾見過風的面貌?

  Neither I nor you; 誰也沒見過,不論你或我;

  But when the leaves hang trembling, 但在樹葉震動之際,

  The wind is passing through. 風正從那裡吹過。

  (Part II)

  Who has seen the wind? 誰曾見過風的面孔?

  Neither you nor I; 誰也沒見過,不論你或我;

  But when the trees bow down their heads, 但在樹梢低垂之際,

  The wind is passing by. 風正從那裡經過。


  O wind , why do you never rest, 風啊!為何你永不休止

  Wandering, whistling to and fro, 來來回回的漂泊,呼嘯

  Bring rain out of the west, 從西方帶來瞭雨

  From the dim north bringing snow? 從蒙矓的北方帶來瞭雪。

  4、What Does The Bee Do?

  What does the bee do? 蜜蜂做些什麼?

  Bring home honey. 把蜂蜜帶回傢。

  And what does Father do? 父親做些什麼?

  Bring home money. 把錢帶回傢。

  And what does Mother do? 母親做些什麼?

  Lay out the money. 把錢用光。

  And what does baby do?嬰兒做些什麼?

  Eat up the honey. 把蜜吃光。


  In April, 四月裡,

  Come he will, 它就來瞭,

  In May, 五月裡,

  Sing all day, 整天吟唱多逍遙,

  In June, 六月裡,

  Change his tune, 它在改變曲調,

  In July, 七月裡,

  Prepare to fly, 準備飛翔,

  In August, 八月裡,

  Go he must! 它就得離去瞭!


  What is pink? A rose is pink 什麼是粉紅色?

  By the fountain’s brink. 噴泉邊的玫瑰就是粉紅色。

  What is red? A poppy’s red 什麼是艷紅色?

  In its barley bed. 在大麥床裡的罌粟花就是艷紅色。

  What is blue? The sky is blue 什麼是蔚藍色?天空就是蔚藍色,

  Where the clouds float thro’. 雲朵飄過其間。

  What is white? A swan is white 什麼是白色?

  Sailing in the light. 陽光下嬉水的天鵝就是白色。

  What is yellow? Pears are yellow, 什麼是黃色?梨兒就是黃色,

  Rich and ripe and mellow. 熟透且多汁。

  What is green? The grass is green, 什麼是綠色?草就是綠色,

  With small flowers between. 小花摻雜其間。

  What is violet? Clouds are violet 什麼是紫色?夏日夕陽裡的

  In the summer twilight. 彩霞就是紫色。

  What is orange? Why, an orange, 什麼是橘色?當然啦!

  Just an orange! 橘子就是橘色。

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