初中英語作文帶翻譯 提高成績要多練



  My English Teacher

  In my life, Ms. Wang is the most important person to me. Her teaching skills are diverse. In class, she usually uses games and posters. She works hard for us. When other teachers rest, she still keeps working and working. When we are mischievous, she is good at giving systematic guidance.

  We are really grateful for what she has done for us. We want to say ”thank you” to her.





  My way to go to school

  Different students like different ways to go to school. As for me, I like to go to school on foot the most. There are four reasons.

  Firstly, my home is not far away from my school. It takes me only twenty minutes to get to school. Secondly, the traffic on my way to school is heavy. There are a lot of bikes, buses and cars. I think it’s safe to go to school on foot. Thirdly, I think walking is a kind of sport. It’s good for my health. Finally, I can listen to my MP3 when I am walking. It’s fantastic, but a little dangerous.

  These are the reasons why I like to go to school on foot the most. What about you?







  Home is a warm noun, because it means a place full filled with love and support. Home is not just a place where we live in, but a place where families support each other and show their love to others. When we have something happy, we first want to bring them home and share the happiness with families. On the contrast, if we get into trouble, home is the first place where we look for support and comfort. In short, home is not just a house we live in; moreover, it’s our home of spirit.


以上就是關於初中英語作文帶翻譯 提高成績要多練的介紹,希望能夠幫助到大傢!