There are many excellent stars in various fields at home and abroad, for example Zhou Xun in film industry, Mo Yan in literature, and Bolt in the sports circles. My favorite star is Zhou Xun, who is an outstanding actress. Zhou Xun watched movies since she was a little girl. Her father worked in a cinema, which offered her golden opportunity to access to movie. Maybe her talented performance was developed since then. Over the two decades Zhou Xun performs in TV or movies, her acting is mature day after day, bringing her lots of awards. Now she has become one of the iconic actresses in China. Besides, she advocates herself in philanthropy and environmental protection. Zhou Xun calls on everyone to live a low-carbon life to keep a green and beautiful planet. I like her because of her excellent performing as well as her personality.


  總結:高一英語作文范文:My Favorite Star就為大傢介紹到這兒瞭,希望小編的整理可以幫助到大傢,祝大傢學習進步。