In recent years, computers have grown in popularity. You can find them not only in the universities but on farms and in factories, shops and other places. The number of private computers has also risen tremendously within the past few years.

  Computers can do many useful things. They can provide people with efficient work, colorful entertainment and accurate calculations. High up in space and deep down in oceans, they are used to make scientific discoveries. On farms and in factories, they help to do difficult work. In offices and at homes, they take over routine jobs. With their incredible potentials, fantastic speed and unbelievable convenience, computers are getting increasingly important in our life.

  The truth of the matter, however, is that any new technology, including computers, has a "dark" side. Computer crimes,which are difficuh to detect, cause a lot of trouble to business and industry. Unexpected computer viruses may destroy a large quantity of useful information. Furthermore, the indulgence of children in computer games is very had for their mental and physical healthy development. We should therefore, be careful in using conlputers.