A. Write a letter to your local English-language newspaper giving your view on a discussion that has arisen as a result of an article they published entitled "Why Do We Need English?"

  B. Your letter must be written of about 200 words, excluding the addresses, etc.

  No.47, Haidian Road Haidian District

  Beijing, China 100086

  August 18,1999

  The Editor Local English Daily

  Wuhua Building Beijing, 100781

  Dear Sir:

  I have been following with great interest the discussion inspired by Mr. Wang Li’s article "Why Do We Need English?" published in the Local English Daily of 20th May, 1999.

  The one aspect of the English language that most of your correspondents seem to be unaware of is its widespread use as the international language of diplomacy, commerce and technology. It is the language of the United Nations and its agencies as well as of many other international bodies. We would be foolish to confine our vision to our national borders only. We are still, after all, dependent on other countries for technical and industrial assistance. How can we hope to be economically and technologically independent if we are not able to communicate in these areas outside our own country?

  English must be taught in all our schools, not only for the above reasons but also so that our students can go abroad to learn the techniques our nation so urgently needs. We also need representatives who can command respect at the international conference tables of the world. And if English is the common language of communications for world diplomacy, economics and defence, then let us be as fluent and proficient in it as possible, for the sake of our own country’s advancement and prestige.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Xiaohua