My View on Helping Others in Need

  In modern society we are often sorry to see that people are reluctant to help others out, not to mention helping a stranger; offering a helping hand seems to be out of accord with the times.

  Then what’s wrong with our society? Some people may say that facing skyrocketing housing prices, expensive medical expenditure and soaring commodity prices, they have no choice but to struggle to make a living, and thus it would be impossible to spare a hand to help others because it may bring them into trouble. Therefore, standing by indifferently is their only choice.

  However, is it necessary to be selfish in order to survive, or in order to ensure that people do not take advantage of you? In my opinion, helping others brings a strong sense of accomplishment. What’s more, the evaluation criteria for judging one individual’s success should be modified so that offering a helping hand to people in need is encouraged and welcomed in our society all the time.