公共英語閱讀考試有什麼技巧 公共英語閱讀考試



  1) 舉例

  for example, for instance, as a case in point, as an illustration, such as, say, e.g。

  2) 釋義

  that is, that is to say, in other words, so to speak, or rather, namely

  3) 原因

  BECause, because of, for, as, owing to, thanks to, due to, now that, since, as a result of, attribute to, in that

  4) 條件

  if, unless, whether, provided that, given, as long as, on condition that, otherwise

  5) 讓步

  despite, in spite of, though, although, nevertheless, but, however, admittedly, it is true…but, after all

  6) 結果

  for this reason, therefore, consequently, accordingly, hence, as a result, thus, in short, in a word, to sum up, to conclude


  similarly, like, likewise, in the same way, much……, as much, no more……, than, just as…… so


  whereas, instead, however, unlike, on the contrary, in contrast, on the other hand, while, some……, others


  first, in the first place, to begin with, second, next, in addition to, besides, moreover, furthermore, third, finally


  indeed, in fact, certainly, particularly, above all, most importantly, worst of all


  in order to, in an effort to, so as to, in order that, for fear that, in case, least


  shortly after, earlier, later, afterwards, after, before, once, meanwhile, since, until, when, while, the moment, as soon as


  this, that, these, this accounts for, this helps explain, that’s why



  Which of the following statements is (not) true-

  Which of the following is (not) mentioned in the passage-

  Which of the following does not explain _______ –

  All of the following are true except ________。


  解答這類問題,頭腦應當清楚:問題是要求把正確的選項圈出,還是要求把錯誤的選項圈出。有的考生不看清問題,就去選擇選項,想當然地把正確的,符合文章事實的一項圈出,而問題明明問的是Which of the following is not true (mentioned),結果誤選。