1. _______ worries me is _______ we’re going to pay for all this.

  A. It, that B. That, how

  C. What, how D. As, that

  2. We’ve bought a cottage in the country for ________ we retire.

  A. when B. if

  C. since D. that

  3. He just does _______ he pleases and never thinks about anyone else.

  A. that B. what

  C. which D. how

  4. It shocked me to see ________ my neighbors treated their children.

  A. why B. whether

  C. how D. since

  5. It used to be thought ________ the Earth was flat.

  A. as B. when

  C. since D. that

  6. He pointed to ________ looked like a tree.

  A. that B. what

  C. which D. as

  7. His income is double ________ it was five years ago.

  A. that B. which

  C. as D. what

  8. I know nothing about the accident except ________ I read in the paper.

  A. that B. for

  C. what D. 不填

  9. “I think _______ he needs is more practice.” “Yes, _______ he needs more practice is quite clear.”

  A. what, what B. that, that

  C. what, that D. that, what

  10. “Will the general manager attend the meeting?” “_______ he will come won’t be known _______ his secretary comes.”

  A. That, that B. That, until

  C. Whether, that D. Whether, until

  1—5 CABCD

  6—10 BDCCD