The most popular teacher in Neworiental, Ma Zihui, will attend the party.



  Young and ambitious,JieYu works hard to teach Englsih.

  Secretly, the girl entered the room.

  With a book in her hands, Fang Meng talked to a foreigner.

  Exhausted, the students reached the top of the mountain.



  In front of me stood a beautiful girl.

  To pass the exam, the students worked hard.

  Confused about the problem, he went to ask for his teacher.

  Your homework finished, you may go home.


  If I am free, I will attend your lecture.

  Whenever one goes, whatever one does, one needs money.


  (1) With the (rapidly) growing popularity of (computers/private cars) in China, the quality of our lives has been considerably changed.

  (2) With the (rapid) growth of (our economy/population), many problems such as (water shortages/waste of energy/lack of professionals and chaotic management) are beginng to surface

  (3) With the development of (science and technology/market economy), more and more/an increasing number of people come to realize that ……

  (4) Currently there is a widespread/serious concern over (illegal publication/drug abuse/negative influence of western cultures).

  (5) Nowadays, a heated debated/discussion about……is under way in China .some people believe that ……, whereas others argue that……

  (6) There are some reasons for owning (private cars/ personal computers). To begin with,…… Next,…… Last, …… There are, on the oher hand, many reasons against it. First, …… Second,…… Finally,……

  (7) There are many advantanges and disadvantages in (owning a car).

  (8) There are various /at least three ways/possible techniques/problems/methods to do something

  (9) Smoking/Alcoholic beverage should be banned from college campuses for toe reasons. The first reason is that …… The second reason is that …… /On the one hand , …… On the other hand. ……

  (10) The possible solutions of (the enery crisis/water shortanges/these social problems) depend on three factors……

  (11) The tow major reasons responsible for (the rapid economic growth /the widespread of fake products ) are……