英語四級作文模板 提綱式作文


  1. 對立觀點式

  A.有人認為X 是好事,贊成X, 為什麼?

  B. 有人認為X 是壞事, 反對X,為什麼?


  Some people are in favor of the idea of doing X. They point out the fact that 支持X 的第一個原因。They also argue that 支持X 的另一個原因。

  However, other people stand on a different ground. They consider it harmful to do X. They firmly point out that 反對X 的第一個理由。 An example can give the details of this argument: 一個例子。

  There is some truth in both arguments. But I think the advantages of X overweigh the disadvantages. In addition to the above-mentioned negative effects it might bring about, X also may X 的有一個壞處。

  2. 批駁觀點式


  B. 我不同意。

  Many people argue that 錯誤觀點。By saying that, they mean 對這個觀點的進一步解釋。An example they have presented is that 一個例子。(According to a survey performed by X on a group of Y, almost 80% of them 贊成這個錯誤觀點或者受到這個錯誤觀點的影響)。

  There might be some element of truth in these people’s belief. But if we consider it in depth, we will feel no reservation to conclude that 與錯誤觀點相反的觀點。There are a number of reasons behind my belief. (以下參照辯論文的議論文寫法)。

  3. 社會問題(現象)式


  B. 產生的原因。


  D. 如何杜絕。(如果是問題的話)

  E. 前景的預測。

  Nowadays, there exists an increasingly serious social/economic/environmental problem. (X has increasingly become a common concern of the public). According to a survey, 調查內容說明這種現象的情況。(或者是一個例子)。

  There are a couple of reasons booming this problem/phenomenon. 下面參照辯論式議論文的寫法。

  X has caused substantial impact on the society and our daily life, which has been articulated(表達) in the following aspects. 參照辯論式議論文的寫法。

  A dozen of measures are supposed to take to prevent X from bringing us more harm. 參照辯論式議論文的寫法。

  Based on the above discussions, I can easily forecast that more and more people will ……..