徐志摩 再別康橋英文版

  Goodbye Again, Cambridge!

  I leave softly, gently,

  Exactly as I came.

  I wave to the western sky,

  Telling it goodbye softly, gently.

  The golden willow at the river edge

  Is the setting sun‘s bride.

  Her quivering reflection

  Stays fixed in my mind.

  Green grass on the bank

  Dances on a watery floor

  In bright reflection.

  I wish myself a bit of waterweed

  Vibrating to the ripple.

  Of the River Cam.

  That creek in the shade of the great elms

  Is not a creek but a shattered rainbow,

  Printed on the water

  And inlaid with duckweed,

  It is my lost dream.

  Hunting a dream?

  Wielding a long punting pole

  I get my boat into green water,

  Into still greener grass.

  In a flood of starlight

  On a river of silver and diamond

  I sing to my heart‘s content.

  But now, no, I cannot sing

  With farewell in my heart.

  Farewells must be quiet, mute,

  Even the summer insects are silent,

  Knowing I am leaving.

  The Cambridge night is soundless.

  I leave quietly

  As I came quietly.

  I am leaving

  Without taking so much

  As absp; piece of cloud.

  But with a quick jerk of my sleave

  I wave goodbye.