暑假英語日記第一篇:Today is the first day that we start our summer camp. Everybody is amazed at the foreign teacher. They have white skin, yellow hair, blue eyes……But no one is very beautiful or handsome.

  Foreigners are very tall or fat. I don’t like them. White skin with them is a little ugly. All day around I found that two thirds of the day time I was sleepy. I think tomorrow will be better.

  暑假英語日記第2篇:Today is sunny day, the sunshine is very nice. I am very happy, because I meet some new classmates, chinese teachers and an Englsih teacher. They are really friendly to me. In the morning we go to meeting room to atten the opening ceremony of the summer camp. There are so many people in it. Then I have a test. In fact, I really can’t stand it. In the afternoon, we meet English teacher. He is really tall and thin. He is funny and friendly. The lesson is very interesting. We like him. Then we meet Maria Zhang. She can speak English very well. She teachs them about genesis and sing an English song. They are so great.

  Ho, I’m free and I’m happy!

  暑假英語日記第三篇:Full of excitement

  The English summer camp begins today.We were all excited today.

  When we got on the bus in the morning,our guide miss Guo reminded us to take care of ourseues.She also asked us to introduce ourselves and after that,we got known with each other.

  How time flies!After only on hour,we got to Zhejiang University.The university is pretty,beautiful and large.The Teaching buildings and student’s building are very new.I couldn’t wait to go into the student’s building.The condition of the flat is good.The air conditioner is prepared for us.The headteacher has a strong mind,no matter how hot it was,he still helped us to solve the problems.

  In the afternoon,we had our first class.Mrs Zheng asked us 10 questions,and we answered them.

  After having dinner,my friend and I went to the supermarket to buy some fruit.

  How happy the day we had today!

  暑假英語日記第四篇:This holiday is my best busy holiday for I am learning English, computer and word and I fall in the weekend exam. Many times I want to take today off, but my mother said to me:“go on, you must belive that you can do it.” So I have to try. Now my English is better than 2months ago. I must thanks my mother, she is good for me. Practices makes perfect.

  暑假英語日記第五篇:How happy I am. Yesterday I finished all the work very quick, so I have a lot of time to do myself. Sometimes finish work early is a good thing, we can have more interests to do the next work. Because of this, I write English dairy eight in the morning. But I wrote it in the evening in the pass day. Everyone, if you can finish the work quickly, not lazy, just try your best.

  暑假英語日記第六篇:Today i took the bus to the park. Some people were waiting for the bus at the bus stop.When a young girl came,she spat a gum on the ground While she was waiting,she herself stepped on the gum.The gum stuck to one of her foot.When the bus came , she got on the bus. Then she discovered the gum stuck her foot all the time.

  暑假英語日記第7篇:Today,I"m going shopping with my mother, We buy some

  apples bananas and a big watermelon.I"m buying some new books ,because I like reading interesting books very much.Then we get home.I"m very happy!

  暑假英語日記第8篇:Today i went to the museum.I met some robots. I think I am also be able to have a robot in many years.I think they can help me do some dishes .They also can help with my homework.A good robot can make me happy.When i am upset ,they can tell jokes for me.I will have more free time to have a relax.

  暑假英語日記第9篇:Happy family

  I have happy family, it is my father, my mother and me.

  My father is very fat, he is a civil servant, he works very hard.. Father is very funny, put my family very happy. I’m very happy.

  My mother is very thin, she is civil servant, too. She is a good cooker, she cooks food for everybody. She is quiet, and she likes books and swimming.

  I’m a little girl in the family, maybe I’ll be a writer. I like hamburger, chips, books, swim.

  This is my happy family!

  暑假英語日記第10篇:My Eddweiss

  Eddwiss, edelweiss, every morning you grate me, small and white , clean and bright.

  You must have heard of this song. Do you look for edelweiss? I found it. In winter, I went to the mountain. I found a small edelweiss blossoming among grass. It had pure white. I endulged in the beautiful scenery. Edelweiss is like an angel, it is dancing and smiling to me. The next day I went to see it. I cannot forget that small edelwiess.