英語口譯翻譯妙招 英語口譯翻譯技巧

  英語口譯翻譯妙招 英語口譯翻譯技巧

  (一) 同義反譯法

  1. Only three customers remained in the bar.


  2. I’ll be here for good this time.


  3. Please keep the fire burning when I’m out.


  4. "Wait, he is serious."


  5. "Now, Clara, be firm with the boy!"


  (二) 刪減解釋詞

  The traveller in the south must often have remarked that peculiar air of refinement, that softness of voice and manner, which seems in many cases to be a particular gift to the quotation and mulatto women.


  (三) 短句拆譯

  " …on one sunshiny morning in June , …"


  (四) 譯詞推陳出新

  When he might well have acted with boldness, he found himself filled with doubts, scruples and equivocations, in addition to the ordinary fears of a lower.



  (五) 解釋性添詞

  "George, I’m ashamed of you! George, I couldn’t have believed you would have done it! I always knew you to be a rolling stone that gathered no moss; but I never thought you would have taken away what little moss there was for Bagnet and the children to lie upon," said Mrs. Bagnet.


  (六) 詞無定譯

  It is quite useless to ask whether Vanderbilt was criminally prosecuted or civilly sued by the Government. Not only was he unmolested, but two years later, he carried on another huge swindle upon the Government under peculiary heinous conditions.


  (七) 精煉譯詞

  A new dignity crept into his walk.



  (八) 刪削"When"字

  1. When he saw me, he was startled.


  2. "When your gals takes on and cry, what’s the use of cracking on them over the head, and knocking on them round?"


  (九) 感嘆詞的不同譯法

  1. "O, don’t mother! I should like the flowers; do give them to me; I want them!" "Why, Eva, your room is full now."

  “媽媽,別這樣﹗我喜歡這些花,把花給我吧,我要﹗” “得瞭吧,伊娃,你屋裡的花都滿瞭。”

  2. "Well, that’s odd!" said Marie. "What in the world do you want that for?"


  (十) 順拆法

  His delegation agreed with the Executive Director/ that the fund should continue working/ for a better understanding of the interrelationship between economic, social and demographic factors.


  改譯:他的代表團同意執行主任的意見,認為該基金會應繼續努力, 以求更好地瞭解經濟、社會和人口這三方面的相互關系。