關於come的短語有哪些 come的相關短語


come about 發生(經常和how搭配) How did it come about? 那事是怎麼發生的?

The increase in production has come about through the use of technology.

It comes about that 。。I don’t know how it came about that we stopped loving each other.



come across ①偶遇;碰到(某人) (= come upon) ,②偶然看到找到發現瞭某東西。

We’ve just come across an old friend we haven’t seen for ages.


③發生效果;受歡迎 Your lecture came across very well; everyone liked it.


Your speech came across very well. 你的演說極受歡迎。

Come after Wednesday comes after Tuesday.


come again (如有空)再來

Come again? 再說一遍;重復一遍;你說什麼?

come along (= come on) 發生;偶然出現,到達,出現

He told me to work hard and take every opportunity that comes along. 抓住每個機會。

He decided to give the money to the first stranger who came along.

他決定把錢給第一個出現的陌生人。 進展;進步;進行

I got the post because I came along at the right time.


To go somewhere with someone一起去,追隨;跟著來 (= come on)

Come along! 跟我來!

I have never seen a baseball game-do you mind if i come along? 你不介意我跟你一起去吧

These visitors came along with some business men. 這些旅客是和一些商人一起來的。

③隨後跟來To go somewhere so that you can be with someone who went there earlier

Ray had some work to finish and decided to come along later.


How’s your work coming along? 你的工作進展如何?

The building work was coming along nicely.施工進展順利。

(= come on) 健康好轉;有起色

Mother’s coming along nicely. 母親的健康有起色。

Come along! 賣力點!

Come along!; Come on now! 再加把勁!;!

came at撲向,向某人逼近

The mad man came at us with a knife. 那個瘋子拿著一把刀朝我們逼近。 come away

①離開 we came away with the feeling that they didn’t really approve of us.


The handle came away in my hands. 門把手在我手裡脫落瞭。

come by 獲得;得到 (尤其是很難得到的事物)

Jobs are hard to come by. 工作很難找到。

Come by for a drink after work. 下班後來我傢喝一杯。

How did you come by that wound in the forehead? 你前額的傷是怎麼搞的?

How did you come by such a beautiful house? 你是怎麼弄到這麼漂亮的房子的?