英語面試寶典 讓面試官追著你跑的英語

Research the company. Commit important details, such as the business’ mission and goals, and services it has performed for the community, to memory. Review the history of the business and become familiar with its partners and competitors.


Prepare a short biography of yourself using three to five qualities that describe who you are but that are also important to the employer. Memorize the first two sentences of your biography and prepare to lead with this sentence when asked to describe yourself.


Practice answering difficult questions before the interview. Rehearse answers, but work on fluently delivering the answers so they do not seem forced. Common questions at an interview include those about your strengths, weaknesses and your interest in the company.


Dress professionally for the interview and be polite. Exude confidence when you first meet the interviewer by firmly shaking his hand and maintaining eye contact.


Interject thoughts and comments about the business that you discovered from your research when opportunities arise. Ask questions of the interviewer when appropriate.


Write a thank-you letter to the interviewer after the meeting. Thank the interviewer for his time and express your interest in the job. Mention a couple of positive points that you remember from the interview.