OG是托福官方機構ETS出版的official Guide to the New TOEFL的簡稱,是唯一托福出題人出版的對於托福考試的權威介紹。這本書提供瞭9篇閱讀題,其中可以找到太多《新概念》的影子,尤其是詞匯方面兩者的相似性。特舉例如下:

  新三Lesson 3:An unknown goddess中出現fragment一詞, 同時講解fragile一詞,第52課出項 delicate一詞,他們都是是新三課堂重點詮釋的詞匯。

  OG閱讀practice set2第五段原文中一句話為:The semiarid lands bordering the deserts exist in a delicate ecological balance and are limited in their potential to adjust to increased environmental pressures。

  QUESTION 3: The word delicate in the passage is closest in meaning to A. fragile B. predictable C. complex D.valuable (正確選項為A。)

  新四24課beauty, 第一段最後一句:For language, which was invented to convey the meanings of this world, cannot readily be fitted to the uses of another. 很多同學對於readily都有迷惑,課堂上我們會讓學生註明=easily, 並舉例:Guns are cheap and readily available in this area. (這個地方槍又便宜又容易獲得。)

  OG的reading practice set 3 第三段有一句:Exhibitors, however, wanted to maximize their profits, which they could do more readily by projecting a handful of films to hundred of customers at a time and by charging 25 to 50 cents admission。

  QUESTION 4: The word readily in the passage is closets in meaning to:

  A. frequently B. easily C. intelligently D. obviously (B為正確選項)


  所以新三可以讓你掌握瞭相當多托福常用詞匯的,OG閱讀部分出題的新三詞匯就有:assistance 58, expose, precious 19, propulsion 18, threaten, expand, inevitable 34, pent-up 46, outlets 46, channel 11, sophisticated 11,thrust 28, diminish 50 (數字代表新概念三冊課文篇數)

  新四能解決更難一級的核心詞匯, OG閱讀部分出題新四詞匯的就有 distort 32, spearhead, progressively 37, momentum, enhance 22,而新四對於托福更大的意義在於提供瞭大部分同學很難認知的閱讀詞匯,不信看看下列同時在新四和OG閱讀中出現的單詞:peril 3, dynamic 37, eddy 14, dimension 16,30,31, apprentice, courtship 3,buoyant等。上面的詞匯包含OG六篇閱讀的95%以上的詞匯題。