Early in senior high school, we longed to be enrolled in a university. Now the dream has come true. But how do we college students like our campus life?  Certainly, some relish it, finding it colorful and rewarding. Besides study, they spend considerable amount of time improving themselves in various aspect. Yet others do not think much of their college life, thus do not benefit as much.
  In their eyes, the university is just a bigger high school. The only difference is that they have more time at their disposal without parents looking over their shoulder.
  As to me, college life is ideal if only I have abundant books to read, some bosom friends to keep me company, a couple of conscientious professors to instruct me, and an easy access to the Internet.
  My station in university campus inch territory, breathes and feels a here freshness. The university life like this started. The life four years time already the picture got down certainly has run the line, you along this path endless long journey, the university time will say regarding me will be fresh, the biography first time was far away the hometown, trod studies the road.
  I to the university life am fuzzy, after investigates many times, everybody is two characters —– is bored to the university life feeling, perhaps has that a reason! Three years high school life is such intense stimulates.
  Recollected also a little is afraid, facing high school‘s intense sprint, diligently was admitted to a school dream of the university, everybody is the like this struggle, assaults the dream. At the present, steps into the university campus, studies the life has had the bored feeling.