生日快樂英文 Happy Birthday to You


  Good day, and welcome to the world of today! The world has never been quite the same as it is on this day, and you never have been just the same person that you are today. I hope that the day is kind to you and that you’re able to recognize and appreciate the kindness, and then pass it on to others!

  Family is precious, with parents by our side, life has a beginning.

  Love is eternal, hand in hand, life becomes everlasting.

  Sentiment is completion, with children laughing and playing, life becomes whole.

  Friendship is sincere, with friends together, our life gets its color.

  Every single day, there is feeling saved up at bottom of our heart, and it would brew up into a strong emotion on this special day.

  You’re listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. As the essence of happiness becomes more realizable at this time of life, I wish you a happy birthday and hope that you will have everlasting happiness in your life!