近期題庫CUE CARD – 01組

  1、A law近期頒佈的法律

  Describe a good law in your country recently issued

  2、A teacher你童年的(還想重逢的)一位教師

  Describe a teacher you had when you were a child who you like to meet again

  3、A TV or Radio Presenter電視/電臺的一位主持人

  Describe a well-known TV or radio presenter (in your country).

  4、A Quiz Show /educational program 一個電視節目

  Describe a quiz show on TV that you would like to take part in.

  5、a transport you want to buy in the future 要買的交通工具

  Describe something(transport) you want to buy in the future.

  近期題庫CUE CARD – 02組

  6、A Sport or activity 一項(刺激/危險的)體育運動

  Describe an exciting / dangerous sport that you have seen (or taken part in)

  7、A Famous Person 描述一位外國名人或者藝術傢

  Describe A Famous Foreign Artist who , you believe, is successful

  8、A Childhood School 小時候的學校

  Describe a school you attended when you were a child.

  9、A Friend You Admire 一位友人參與的,引起你敬重的事件

  describe an event(job) that one of your friend did(attended) which you admired

  10、a Hotel 一傢曾經住過的酒店

  describe a hotel you once lived in or you know