Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to the university president. You should write at least 120 words based on the outline given below in Chinese:

  1. 學校教學應該註重學生學習方法的培養。

  2. 學校應該豐富學生的校園生活


  A Letter to the University President

  Dear Sir,

  I am writing to put up some suggestions concerning our teaching and campus life.

  As a sophomore from the Math Department, I am quite satisfied with the present condition of my university, but I餯 like to say that there is still some room for improvement.

  First, I believe that more attention should be paid to the guidance of our study methods. To some extent, university students are capable of studying by themselves, but more often than never, we find ourselves at a loss as to choose good books to read and appropriate topics for our research. It is clear that we need some advice from our teachers. If our teachers can lecture more on “how to learn by yourself” for us, especially for the freshmen, our skills will be further improved.

  Second, more activities should be conducted to make our campus life more colorful. I餸 sorry to say that the present life on campus is quite boring. Every day we have classes, read in the library, or stay in the dormitory. Life here is routine. We need more meaningful activities organized to enrich our college life and enable us to study more efficiently.

  I hope you can consider my suggestions. Thank you.

  Yours sincerely

  Li Ming