Thanksgiving with the Watsons
  People came to America from every country in the world and brought the traditions of their ancestors with them. Thus, most American traditions are not really American. But Thanksgiving (感恩節) is different because it started in America. So it is a truly American tradition.
  Life provides many good and bad things. Every year, in November, Thanksgiving Day reminds us of the good things in life, and people are thankful. On this day people usually eat turkey and great quantities of other foods. Jesse has decided to spend Thanksgiving with David and Elizabeth Watson because he likes them, and because he cannot go to his parents’ home in Chicago.
  Elizabeth’s nickname (昵稱) is Betty, and people usually call her that. She is the secretary of Jesse’s boss. Jesse got to know the Watsons two years ago and he and Dave have become good friends. Sometimes they go fishing or to a ball game together.
  The Watsons live in a small apartment in a suburb of New York City. The offices where Betty works are in downtown New York, and she has to take a bus and two subway trains to go to work every day. It takes her about one hour to get there. She finds the trip boring and tiring. She wants to stay home in order to take care of the family and enjoy the children. The Watsons have three children. Their daughter Sue is in the fourth grade and their son Paul is in the second grade. They also have a two-year-old daughter, Ann.
  The children like Jesse; he is their hero. He tells them stories about foreign countries, about Africa and China, about the Pacific and Japan; he has never even seen most of these countries. He knows about fast cars and new inventions. The Watson children think that Jesse is full of adventures; he is fascinating to them. Frequently he takes them to the park and joins them in their games.
  Today Jesse brought Sue a record of her favorite music, because she has a new record player. He also brought Paul a toy truck and Ann a plastic (塑料) book with bright pictures, and Betty a bunch of flowers. Betty cooked a nice turkey, and they all ate too much. After dinner the children wanted to go out to the park with Jesse. But they had to stay home, because it was raining. Later, Dave and Jesse sat down in front of the TV to watch a football game.
  1 Thanksgiving is not a truly American tradition
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  2 Thanksgiving Day falls on the 4th Thursday in November.
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  3 The turkey is a most popular food on Thanksgiving Day
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  4 Jesse and his boss are good friends.
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  5 Elizabeth enjoys going to work in downtown New York
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  6 The children like Jesse because he once traveled around the world
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  7 Jesse had a good time in his friends’ home
  A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned
  1. B  2. C  3. A  4. C  5. B  6. B  7. A