想找一份滿意的工作嗎? 面試中面對外國老板連珠炮似的提問, 有沒有覺得心慌意亂、無所適從?求職過程中面試尤為重要,回答問題,如果能簡明扼要,真誠中肯,合乎老外口味,那麼錄取機會必定大大增加。當然,有的問題,也要輕描淡寫,以免言多必失。本篇摘錄瞭若幹面試中出現頻率較高的問題及精彩回答,希望能在您求職路上助您一臂之力。
  Q: Can you sell yourself in two minutes? Go for it. (你能在兩分鐘內自我推薦嗎?大膽試試吧!)
  A: With my qualifications and experience, I feel I am hardworking, responsible and diligent in any project I undertake. Your organization could benefit from my analytical and interpersonal skills.(依我的資格和經驗,我覺得我對所從事的每一個項目都很努力、負責、勤勉。我的分析能力和與人相處的技巧,對貴單位必有價值。)
  Q:Give me a summary of your current job description. (對你目前的工作,能否做個概括的說明。)
  A:I have been working as a computer programmer for five years. To be specific, I do system analysis, trouble shooting and provide software support. (我幹瞭五年的電腦程序員。具體地說,我做系統分析,解決問題以及軟件供應方面的支持。)
  Q:Why did you leave your last job?(你為什麼離職呢?)
  A: Well, I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.(我希望能獲得一份更好的工作,如果機會來臨,我會抓住。)
  A:I feel I have reached the "glass ceiling" in my current job. / I feel there is no opportunity for advancement. (我覺得目前的工作,已經達到頂峰,即沒有升遷機會。)     
  Q:How do you rate yourself as a professional?(你如何評估自己是位專業人員呢?)
  A: With my strong academic background, I am capable and competent. (憑借我良好的學術背景,我可以勝任自己的工作,而且我認為自己很有競爭力。)
  A:With my teaching experience, I am confident that I can relate to students very well. (依我的教學經驗,我相信能與學生相處的很好。)
  Q: What contribution did you make to your current (previous) organization?(你對目前/從前的工作單位有何貢獻?)
  A: I have finished three new projects, and I am sure I can apply my experience to this position. (我已經完成三個新項目,我相信我能將我的經驗用在這份工作上。)
  Q:What do you think you are worth to us?(你怎麼認為你對我們有價值呢?)
  A:I feel I can make some positive contributions to your company in the future. (我覺得我對貴公司能做些積極性的貢獻。)
  Q:What make you think you would be a success in this position? (你如何知道你能勝任這份工作?)
  A:My graduate school training combined with my internship should qualify me for this particular job. I am sure I will be successful. (我在研究所的訓練,加上實習工作,使我適合這份工作。我相信我能成功。)
  Q:Are you a multi-tasked individual?(你是一位可以同時承擔數項工作的人嗎?) or
  Do you work well under stress or pressure?(你能承受工作上的壓力嗎?)
  A:Yes, I think so.
  A:The trait is needed in my current(or previous) position and I know I can handle it well. (這種特點就是我目前(先前)工作所需要的,我知道我能應付自如。)
  Q:What is your strongest trait(s)?(你個性上最大的特點是什麼?)
  A:Helpfulness and caring.(樂於助人和關心他人。)
  A:Adaptability and sense of humor.(適應能力和幽默感。)
  A:Cheerfulness and friendliness.(樂觀和友愛。)
  Q: How would your friends or colleagues describe you?(你的朋友或同事怎樣形容你?)
  A: (pause a few seconds) (稍等幾秒鐘再答,表示慎重考慮。)
  They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends. (他們說陳先生是位誠實、工作努力,負責任的人,他對傢庭和朋友都很關心。)
  A:They say Mr. Chen is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person. (他們說陳先生是位很友好、敏感、關心他人和有決心的人。)
  Q:What personality traits do you admire?(你欣賞哪種性格的人?)
  A: (I admire a person who is)honest, flexible and easy-going. (誠實、不死板而且容易相處的人。)
  A: (I like) people who possess the "can do" spirit. (有"實際行動"的人。)
  Q:What leadership qualities did you develop as an administrative personnel?(作為行政人員,你有什麼樣的領導才能?)