1. It作先行主語和先行賓語的一些句型

  She had said what it was necessary to say.

  2. 強調句型

  It is not who rules us that is important, but how he rules us.

  3. "All+抽象名詞"或"抽象名詞+itself"(very+形容詞)

  He was all gentleness to her.

  4. 利用詞匯重復表示強調www.233.com考試就上考試大

  A crime is a crime a crime.

  5. "something(much)of"和"nothing(little)of"

  "something of"相當於"to some extent",表示程度。在疑問句或條件從句中,則為"anything of",可譯為"有點","略微等。""譯為毫無","全無"。"much of"譯為"大有","not much of"可譯為"算不上","稱不上","little of"可譯為"幾乎無"。something like譯為"有點像,略似。"

  They say that he had no university education, but he seems to be something of a scholar.

  6. 同格名詞修飾是指of前後的兩個名詞都指同一個人或物,"of"以及它前面的名詞構一個形容詞短語,以修飾"of"後面的那個名詞。如"her old sharper of a father",可譯為:"她那騙子般的父親"。

  Those pigs of girls eat so much.