1. _____ , he failed in the college entrance examination again.

  A. To disappoint his parents B. To his parents’ disappointment

  C. At his parents’ disapproval D. His parents’ disappointing

  答案: B

  解析: 令他父母失望的是,他的高考又一次失利. to one’s disappointment 令某人失望的是…; 類似的還有: to one’s surprise 令某人吃驚的是….

  2. Please remember _____ these letters on your way to the station.

  A. posted B. posting C. to post D. post

  答案: C

  解析: remember to do… 記住去做某事; 去火車站的路上記得把這封信發瞭.

  3. I’m not used to _____ in that impolite way.

  A. speaking B. being spoken C. spoken D. be spoken

  答案: B

  解析: 我不習慣別人對我這樣不禮貌地提及. 動名詞的被動式spoken的邏輯賓語是“我”,也就是主句的主語.

  4. Tom suggested that they should go to Greece, but Mary suggested _____ to Spain.

  A. to go B. going C. should go D. went

  答案: B

  解析: A錯,因為suggest後面不能跟不定式. 而C項和D項錯在沒有主語.

  5. Mass production has made _____ the goods and services we want at a lower price.

  A. possible for us to get B. it is possible for us to get

  C. it possible for us to get D. possible it is for us to get

  答案: C

  解析: 考詞序安排問題. C項中的it為形式賓語, it possible for sb to do… 對於某人做某事來說……成為可能.