人最難的不是跟別人討教經驗,最難的是把別人的經驗聽進去,並應用到實踐當中。(The most difficult thing is not to ask for advice, but listen to the advice and practise it.)






10 Practical Tips on Good English Writing

1. Think clearly before you write. Only when you can think clearly can you write an article with clear logic and reasoning.

2. Narrow down your topic to the one that you can handle within your capabilities and required word limit.

3. Write in the voice of an adult.

4. Use a clear structure and develop the paragraph by your argumentation methods.

5. Use details and facts.

6. Avoid using the same word to begin each sentence. Though repeated beginning sometimes can create a parallel structure and certain atmosphere, it may also have the risk of dulling/boring readers. For beginners of English writing, this tip is especially useful and helpful.

7. Use different sentence structures (compound sentences, complex sentences, special structures like inversion).

8. Make good use of transitional words.

9. In selection of words, use the more precise or accurate one.

10. Make a natural ending. The concluding sentence is not a must. Let the paragraph end smoothly and naturally.