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Section 1 版本號 場景 題型
V09120 S1 Fitness Club Completion/Multiple Choice
1 small gym only for:women 2 health check 3 further meeting with instructor:every 6 weeks 4 programme/program 5 開的課程:yoga 6 還有的設施:café 7 massage 8 Gold Membership off-peak不能什麼時候用: A in the evenings of weekdays 9 Silver membership has to pay extra : A every time using the facility 10 Gold membership: B per month (Join fee was 0 but this weekend is )
Section 2 版本號 場景 題型
New Social Activity Multiple Choice /Completion
介紹一個叫Connection的scheme 1有收入嗎:選 receive no payment 2 為哪些外國人設立的?選those difficult to make friends 3 guest在那裡幹什麼: 選discuss about personal interests 4 他們以後有什麼好處:選 in different communities 如何加入 5 two photos,one for vetting,the other one for host family 6 identity 7 have an interview with sb. 8 receive acknowledgement within 7 days 9 confirm 10 decision
Section 3 版本號 場景 題型
V06141 S3 Activity completion
一個日本訪問學者的活動安排 1 subject:microchip 2 contact: Peter Smith(John Green是幹擾信息) 3 first day: lab 4 meet :teaching staff 5 postgraduates and third year undergraduates 6 Seminar Room 7 with secretary present 8 research 9 Monday:golf 10 have dinner at the Riverside restaurant
Section 4 版本號 場景 題型
New Environment Completion
英國綠色生態的建築 1 Commission by a lawyer 2 shape like a cigar 3 on top known as footprint 4 allows light into the building 5 a layer of grass 6 link nature with the working place 7 less relies on air conditioning to control the temperature than other similar buildings 8 out-break of the building known as lung 9 a place for entertainment called clubroom at the top of the building 10 the firm will design an entire city