In our modern and contemporary society, whether parents should offer a helping hand to making their children independence has become a hot button. In other words, we cannot afford to lose sight of the trend that the kids’ independence has become a social focus, which triggers wide concerns across the nation, especially the parents. This tide does exist in our society.

In our society, a sizable portion of parents, especially the young parents, spoil their kids from all aspects. Spefically speaking, they help their children pile and clear up their school bags, wash their clothes, even socks. Besides, they also talk to their children “if only you succeed in your study, please leave anything to me”.

This prevalent tide sparks our deep thought. From my viewpoint, in an effort to reverse and eliminate this unfavorable trend mentioned above, considering the seriousness of this headache, Parents are supposed to teach their kids how to cope with a variety of complex siuations. In addition, parents also should take every opportunity to equip themselves with advanced educative knowledge and keep pace with the times and communicate with other parents who enjoys a wealth of educative experiences. In a word, We all hope that these children have less reliance on their parents and become independent economically and mentally.