if you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky ground.
ibsen, norwegian dramati 如果你不懷疑自己,那麼你的立足點確實不穩固瞭
挪威劇作傢 易卜生
if you would go up high, then use your own legs! do not  let yourselves carried aloft; do not seat yourselves on other people's backs and heads.
f. w. nietzsche, german philosopher

if you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it. every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.
longfillow, america poet
英國人 朗費羅

imagination is not to be divorced from the facts: it is a way of illu-minating the facts.
alfred north whitehead, british phillsopher and mathematician
英國哲學傢 、數學傢    懷特海. a. n.

it enables men to construct an intellectual vision of a new world, and it preserves the zest of  life by the suggestion of satisfying purpose.
alfred north whitehead, british philosopher and mathematician

英國哲學傢。數學傢 懷特海. a. n.

it is at our mother's knee that we acquire our noblest and truest and highest ideals, but there is seldom any money in them.
mark twain. american writer
國作傢 馬克·吐溫

it is at to be at, but it is ater to be human.
w. rogers, american humorist
美國傢   羅傑斯.w.

a man is not old as long as he is seeking something. a man is not old until rets take the place of dreams.
j barryomre, american bctor  隻要一個人還有所追求,他就沒有老。直到後悔取代瞭夢想,一個人才算老。
美國演員 巴裡穆爾,j。

and love, young men ,and venerate the ideal. the ideal is the word of god. high above every country, high above humanity, is the country of the spirit, the city of the soul.
giuseppe mazzini, italian statesman  青年人啊,熱愛理想吧,崇敬理想吧。理想是上帝的語言。高於一切國傢和全人類的,是精神的王國,是靈魂的故鄉。
意大利政治傢 馬志尼,g。

between the ideal and the reality, between the motion and the act, falls the shadow.
thomas stearns eliot,
british poet and critic  理想與現實之間,
英國人、批評傢 愛略特,t,s。

do not, for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect.
william shakespeare,
british dramatist  不要隻因一次失敗,就放棄你原來決心想達到的目的。
英國劇作傢 莎士比亞 w

don't part with your illusions. when they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.
mark twain. american writer  不要放棄你的幻想。當幻想沒有瞭以後,你還可以生存,但是你雖生猶死。
美國作傢 馬克 吐溫

have an aim in life, or your energies will all be wasted.
r. peters, american jurist  人生應該樹立目標,否則你的精力會白白浪費。共2頁,當前第1頁12

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