1、all that is beautiful poems and passages of life things do not change;we change.sell your clothes and keep your thoughts. 萬物不變,是我們在變。你的衣服可以賣掉,但要保留你的思想

2、don’t wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend.不要等到寂寞瞭,才明白朋友的價值。

3、i sit at my window this morning where the world like a passer-by stops for a moment, nods to me and goes. 我今晨坐在窗前,世界如一個路人似的,停留瞭一會,向我點點頭又走過去瞭。

4、man is a born child, his power is the power of growth. 人是一個初生的孩子,他的力量,就是生長的力量。

5、once we dreamt that we were strangers. we wake up to find that we were dear to each other.有一次,我們夢見大傢都是不相識的。我們醒瞭,卻知道我們原是相親相愛的。

6、power said to the world, “you are mine.” the world kept it prisoner on her throne. love said to the world, “i am thine.” the world gave it the freedom of her house.權勢對世界說道:”你是我的。”世界便把權勢囚禁在她的寶座下面。愛情對世界說道:”我是你的。”世界便給予愛情以在它屋內來往的自由。

7、remember: friendship is like wine, it gets better as it grows older.記得:友誼像醇酒,越久越濃。

8、the mist, like love, plays upon the heart of the hills and bring out surprises of beauty. 霧,象愛情一樣,在山峰的心上遊戲,生出種種美麗的變幻。

 9、the scabbard is content to be dull when it protects the keenness of the sword.刀鞘保護刀的鋒利,它自己則滿足於它的遲鈍。

10、these are times of finer houses,but more broken homes; 現在的住房越來越精致,但我們也有瞭更多破碎的傢庭;

11、think it over… 好好想想…… 12、we have much more food,but less nutrition; 我們有瞭更多的食物,但所能得到的營養卻越來越少瞭來源.

13、we have multiplied out possessions,but reduced out values; 我們擁有的財富倍增,但其價值卻減少瞭。

14、we reached the moon and came back,but we find it troublesome to cross our own street and meet our neighbors; 我們可以往返月球,但卻難以邁出一步去親近我們的左鄰右舍。

 15、what you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow. 你看不見你自己,你所看見的隻是你的影子。

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