英文至理名言 偉業非一夜建成

pain past is pleasure.過去的痛苦即快樂。

practice tenses as much as possible.when you learn a new verb,learn its various forms.盡可能多的操練時態。學習一個動詞的時候,要學習它的各種形態。

pursue breakthroughs in your life. 追求自我的突破。

pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably.不管追求什麼目標,都應堅持不懈。

relax!be patient and enjoy yourself.learning foreign languages should be fun. 放松點!要有耐性,並讓自己快樂!學習外語應該是樂趣無窮的。

rome wasn’t built in a day.偉業非一業建成。

strength alone knows conflict, weakness is below even defeat, and is born vanquished.隻有強者才懂得鬥爭;弱者甚至失敗都不夠資格,而是生來就是被征服的。

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