1. sports is the nourishing agent of life, and fitness is the beautician of youth.

2. a way of keeping good health, often for small labor, but very tired, and not the ear.

3. hone musculo skeletal disease prevention, disease resist.

4. living water is flowing, life is in movement.

5. walking is the best way for mental workers, especially for creative people, to be a kind of physical activity.

6. the effect of sports lies in strong muscles, knowledge, emotion and strong will.

7. It begins. Are you coming? Or go back and continue to be a dead fat man, this is a man's game!

8. everything has its natural, failing to take things calmly, proud when indifferent, frustrated when the calm. The more busy you are, the more you want to practice, practice good health care, confidence and perseverance, to cultivate the mind and mind.

9. the best running, is you in a strange place, found a long violation of the moving. Run alone, unfetter, without restraint. One day, wear running shoes, take yourself, how far, how far.

10. the organ can not get exercise, as well as excessive stress of the organ is extremely harmful.