I am grateful to you for your painstaking teaching and will remember it in my heart.


There are countless memories of pride and happiness in your teaching career, but you hide them in your heart and just look at the garden to be opened up.


Every corner of the heart, every inch of the heart, is full of respect for you.


There are endless places in the world, only the infinite period of Shi En. Thank you, teacher!


In the past, you planted the seeds of knowledge in my heart, and today, I have the fruits of scientific research – teacher, this is your harvest!


Teacher, in the light of wisdom emanating from us today, there is still a spark that you kindled in those days!


Regardless of hard work and cold inkstone, peach ripening and flowering Dan, Li ripening is technically disabled, it is easy to plant flowers but difficult to cultivate people. Deep Valley Feixiang is not ordinary, poetry is full of the world, painting is full of the world, gifted and smiling.


My teacher, how I miss you! With the help of science and technology, thank you and my respected teachers! My good teacher, I miss you very much!


Life is like a song, peach and plum are fragrant. Life is like a song. It’s you who planted those notes. It’s you who educated us with hard sweat.


You are like a candle, although weak, but there is a heat, a light, illuminate others, deplete themselves. This selfless dedication will never be forgotten.


Without your generous dedication, where can I harvest today? Thank you very much, dear teacher.


You have given us a ruler of life, let us measure every day; you have given us a mirror of exemplary behavior, let us have learning examples everywhere.


The value of fireflies lies in using the lamp hanging at the back to focus on others; your respectability lies in always providing convenience to others.


No matter how proud a person is of his achievements, he should drink water and think about his source. He should remember that his teacher planted the first seeds for his growth.


If I were a poet, I would write poems with full enthusiasm, praising the vastness and far-reaching of the sea. And dedicate it to you, my broad-minded, knowledgeable teacher.


You are much like the unknown roots, which make the young trees grow strong and full of fruits on the branches, without requiring any reward.


Teacher, thank you for illuminating the journey of my life with your own light of life. I am grateful to you.


Mountains are immovable, water is always flowing, my teacher Enze, in the heart forever!


Teachers are the kindling of fire, igniting the fire of students’hearts; teachers are stone-level, bearing students step by step down to climb up.


You are like a red candle, giving all the heat and light for your children! Your character and spirit can be used in two words: burning! Keep burning!


To spread knowledge is to sow hope and happiness. Teacher, you are the seeder of hope and happiness!


Teachers are red candles, lighting themselves to illuminate others; Teachers are spring silkworms, spitting out their last silk thread.


Teacher, everyone says that you cultivate the pillars of the motherland, but I want to say that you are the pillars of the motherland. It is you who support the backbone of our generation!


Because of you, the world will be so beautiful, because of you, my life will be so colorful! Doctors heal the wounds of the human body, you have nurtured the human soul!


Spring rain, dyed the world green, but they disappeared silently in the soil. Teacher, you are the spring rain that moistens our hearts. We will always thank you.


As the parting grows, Shi En will never be forgotten. To our beloved teachers, let’s search for those beautiful memories and silently wish you health and joy forever.


The most glorious profession under the sun, engineer of human soul.


You work in the present, but build the future of the motherland; you teach in the classroom, but your achievements are in all directions of the motherland.