1、人生就是學校。在那裡,與其說好的教師是幸福,不如說好的教師是不幸。——海貝爾 Life is school。 Where a good teacher is not so much happiness as a good teacher is unfortunate。

2、改變好習慣比改掉壞習慣容易的多,這是人生的一大悲衰。——毛姆 Change easier than breaking bad habits, good habits, this is the life of a great failure。

3、生命不等於是呼吸,生命是活動。——盧梭 Life and breath, life is active。

4、順境中不無隱憂和煩惱,逆境中不無慰藉和希望。——培根 In prosperity is not without worry and the worry, adversity is not without comfort and hope。

5、人生的價值,即以其人對於當代所做的工作為尺度。——徐瑋 The value of life, namely to the person to contemporary work for scale。

6、我們若已接受最壞的,就再沒有什麼損失。——卡耐基 If we have accepted the worst, we have no loss again。

7、我這個人走得很慢,但是我從不後退。——亞伯拉罕?林肯 I walked slowly, but I never retreat。

8、浪費時間是所有支出中最奢侈及最昂貴的。——富蘭克林 A waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses。

9、所謂高質量人生,其實就是平衡不斷遭到破壞和重建。——趙鑫珊 The so-called high quality life, in fact, the balance is destroyed and rebuilt。

10、希望與憂慮是分不開的,從來沒有無希望的憂慮,也沒有無憂慮的希望。——拉羅什夫科 Hope and fear are inseparable, there is no fear without hope, no hope without fear。

11、取得成就時堅持不懈,要比遭到失敗時頑強不屈更重要。——拉羅什夫科 Achievement persistence, fortitude is more important than when failure。

12、人在逆境裡比在順境裡更能堅持不屈。遭厄運時比交好運時更容易保全身心。——雨果 People in adversity than in prosperity can stick to surrender。 Bad luck when easier than when the good luck to preserve the body and mind。

13、想升高,有兩樣東西,那就是必須作鷹,或者作爬行動物。——巴爾紮克 Want to rise, there are two things that must be an eagle, or as a reptile。

14、如果工作對於人類不是人生強索的代價,(next88)而是目的,人類將是多麼幸福。——羅丹 If the work is not the price of life rigging to humans, but purpose, human will be very happy。

15、怯懦是你最大的敵人,勇敢則是你最好的朋友。——萊昂納德?弗蘭克轉 Cowardice is your worst enemy, the brave is your best friend。

16、一個人幾乎可以在任何他懷有無限熱忱的事情上成功。——查爾斯?史考伯 A person can success on any of the things he has unlimited enthusiasm。

17、生命不可能有兩次,但許多人連一次也不善於度過。——呂凱特 Life can’t have two times, but many people not even a good at spend。

18、知識是從刻苦勞動中得來的,任何成就都是刻苦勞動的結果。——宋慶齡 Knowledge derived from hard labor, any achievement is the result of hard work。

19、強大的勇氣、嶄新的意志——這就是希望。——路德 Strong courage, new will – this is hope。

20、延擱的希望,會使人心煩;希望之實現,會使生命充實。——佚名 Postponement of hope, can make the person upset; The implementation of hope, will make a full life。

21、一切使人團結的是善與美,一切使人分裂的是惡與醜。——列夫?托爾斯泰 All is good and beautiful, makes a man united all split is bad and the ugly。

22、天才是百分之一的靈感加百分之九十九的汗水。——愛迪生 Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration。

23、真正的人生,隻有在經歷艱苦卓絕的鬥爭之後才能實現。——塞涅卡 The real life, only after arduous struggle to achieve。

24、忍耐和堅持雖是痛苦的事情,但卻能漸漸地為你帶來好處。——奧維德 Patience and persistence are painful, but it can gradually bring you benefits。

25、黑夜無論怎樣悠長,白晝總會到來。——莎士比亞 No matter how long the night, the day will come。

26、患難與困苦是磨練人格的最高學府。——蘇格拉底 Adversity and hardship is hone personality highest institution of higher learning。

27、教育工作中的百分之一的廢品,就會使國傢遭受嚴重的損失。——馬卡連柯 One percent of the waste of education work, will make the country suffered severe losses。

28、不要慨嘆生活的痛苦!慨嘆是弱者。——高爾基 Don’t lament the pain of life! Lament is the weak。

29、我們唯一不會改正的缺點是軟弱。——拉羅什福科 The only thing we won’t correct faults is weak。

30、我沒有別的東西奉獻,唯有辛勞淚水和血汗。——丘吉爾 I don’t have anything else, only toil tears and sweat。

31、每一種挫折或不利的突變,是帶著同樣或較大的有利的種子。——愛默生 Each setback or detrimental mutations, is with the same or greater beneficial seeds。

32、隻有把抱怨環境的心情,化為上進的力量,才是成功的保證。——羅曼?羅蘭 Only you turn your complaints of environments into the strength to strive for the better is the guarantee of success。

33、合理的安排時間,就等於節約時間。——培根 Reasonable arrangement of time, is to save time。

34、人的一生是短的,但如果卑劣地過這一生,就太長瞭。——莎士比亞 Life is short, but if despicable to this life, would be too long。

35、一切節約,歸根到底都是時間的節約。——馬克思 All savings, in the final analysis is to save time。

36、在我們的社會中,勞動不僅是經濟的范疇,而且是道德的范疇。——馬卡連柯 In our society, the work is not only an economic category, and is a moral category。

37、卓越的人一大優點是:在不利與艱難的遭遇裡百折不饒。——貝多芬 As a big advantage is remarkable, in bad and hard encounters hundred fold not rao。

38、衡量人生的標準是看其是否有意義;而不是看其有多長。——普魯塔克 The standard of life is to see if it can be measured in meaning; Rather than see how long it is。

39、困難隻能嚇倒懦夫懶漢,而勝利永遠屬於敢於攀登科學高峰的人。——茅以升 Difficulties can only be intimidated by a coward idlers, and victory always goes to those who dare to climb the summit of science。

40、要知道對好事的稱頌過於誇大,也會招來人們的反感輕蔑和嫉妒。——培根 To know the praise of the good thing is too exaggerated, will also attract people’s aversion to disdain, and jealousy。