1、要登上陡峭的山峰,開始時腳步要放得慢。——莎士比亞 On a steep mountain, at the beginning of the steps to put slowly。

2、提出目標是管理人員的責任,實際上這是他的主要責任。——巴納德 Goal is the responsibility of the management is put forward, in fact, this is his main responsibility。

3、通過痛苦,達到真理。——羅曼?羅蘭 Through the pain, to the truth。

4、當勞動是一種責任時,生活就是奴役。——高爾基 When work is a duty, life is slavery。

5、人獨特的個性是:給予多於接受,收獲多於神的播種。——泰戈爾 Unique personality is: giving more than receiving, sows harvest more than god。

6、要理解人,而且還要熱愛他們。——羅曼?羅蘭 To understand the people, but also love them。

7、進步是科學的推動者;理想是藝術的動力。——雨果 Progress is the enabler of science; Ideality is the power of art。

8、感覺不到自己心裡有願望存在就等於沒有生命。——高爾基 Do not feel there is a wish in my mind is no life。

9、責任感以及有效地派任職務是成功企業經營的要素之一。——洛德福特 The sense of responsibility and effectively appointment position is one of the elements of a successful business。

10、隻有在到達終點之時,人們才能更好地享受走過的道路的樂趣。——羅曼?羅蘭 Only when reach the finish line, people can enjoy the pleasure of the path the better。

11、當我們合力以赴往前跑的時候,我們的眼睛不斷地註視著前面,兩邊什麼也看不見。——泰戈爾 When we are together to go to run forward, our eyes constantly staring at the front, side and see nothing。

12、許多人都渴望認識真理,但是誰能在不歪曲現實的情況下達到目的呢?——高爾基 Many people are eager to know the truth, but who can not reach the purpose of the distortion of reality?

13、一個人若是沒有熱情,他將一事無成,而熱情的基點正是責任心。——托爾斯泰 For example, if a person is no passion, he will accomplish nothing, and warm basis points it is sense of responsibility。

14、回憶過去就會削弱自己當前的精力,動搖對未來的希望。——高爾基 Recall the past will weaken your current energy, hope for the future。

15、無論男女,隻要誰有進取的意志,誰就幹得成。——羅曼?羅蘭 Both men and women, as long as there is the will of enterprising, who will have done。

16、這個社會尊重那些為它盡到責任的人。——梁啟超 This social respect those who fulfill the responsibility for it。

17、人生須知負責任的苦處,才能知道盡責任的樂趣。——梁啟超 Information responsible suffering in life, to know the pleasure of responsibility。

18、我所享有的任何成就,完全歸因於對客戶與工作的高度責任感。——李奧貝納 Any success that I enjoy, completely attributed to with high sense of responsibility of work for the client。 Leo Burnett。

19、如果上帝要人後退的話,他就會使人的腦後長著眼睛。——雨果 If god needs back, he will make people behind the eyes。

20、盡管責任有時使人厭煩,但不履行責任,隻能是懦夫,不折不扣的廢物。——劉易斯 Although responsibility boring sometimes, but fails to perform the responsibility, can only be a coward, a waste。

21、我們不是為自己而生,我們的國傢賦予我們應盡的責任。——西塞羅 We are not born for oneself, it is the responsibility of our country gives us。

22、改造自己,總比禁止別人來得難。——魯迅 Change themselves, always more difficult than ban on others。

23、要使周圍的一切都大放光彩,自己也應該像蠟燭那樣燃燒。——高爾基 To make everything around puts glorious greatly, oneself also should be like a candle burning。

24、在他握有意志的完全自由去行動時,他才能對他的這些行為負完全責任。——馬克思 In his will have complete freedom to act, he will assume full responsibility for his actions。

25、人能盡自己的責任,就可以感覺到好像吃梨喝蜜似的,把人生這杯苦酒的滋味給抵消瞭。——狄更斯 People can do their duty, can feel like eat pear drink honey, to offset this cup of bitter taste of life。

26、責任感與機遇成正比。——威爾遜 The sense of responsibility is proportional to the opportunity。

27、對一個人來說,所期望的不是別的,而僅僅是他能全力以赴和獻身於一種美好事業。——愛因斯坦 To a person, the desired than anything else, just he can go all out and dedicated to a good cause。

28、沒有無義務的權利,也沒有無權利的義務。——馬克思 There is no right without obligation, no no rights obligations。

29、藝術應當擔負起哺育思想的責任。——白朗寧 Art should shoulder the responsibility of the feeding thoughts。

30、勇敢些!讓我們來獻身。獻身給善、獻身給真、獻身給正義。——雨果 Be brave! Let’s dedication。 Devoted to the good and devoted to devoted to justice and truth。

31、真理的發現或道德責任的完成都會引起我們的歡欣。——克羅齊 The completion of the discovery of truth or moral responsibility will cause our joy。

32、男性的第一魅力是責任感。——餘秋雨 Men first charm is the sense of responsibility。

33、凡是我受過他好處的人,我對於他便有瞭責任。——梁啟超 Anyone who I trained him good, I have responsibility for him。

34、目的正當並不意味著就可以不擇手段。——泰戈爾 The ends that doesn’t mean you can by hook or by crook。

35、人生須知負責任的苦處,才能知道有盡責的樂趣。——梁啟超 Responsible misery life guidelines, a conscientious interesting to know。

36、我們制作銷售產品的廣告,但也請記住,廣告負有廣泛的社會責任。——李奧貝納 We produce the advertisement of the product sales, but also keep in mind that advertising has a broad social responsibility。

37、要使一個人顯示他的本質,叫他承擔一種責任是最有效的辦法。——毛姆 To make the essence of a person shows that he called him a kind of responsibility is the most efficient way。

38、歷史和哲學負有多種永恒的責任,(next88)同時也是簡單的責任。——雨果 Have a variety of eternal responsibility history and philosophy, and is also the responsibility of the simple。

39、天才理應飛向天國,真正的詩人有責任喚醒世人,慎擇那最崇高的靈境。——普希金 Genius is supposed to fly to the sky, the real poet has the responsibility to raise awareness, choose the most lofty lingjinghutong carefully。

40、任何人,都有權把互相啟迪、力求前進和尋求合理娛樂的活動據為已有。——狄更斯 Anyone, have the right to inspire each other, makes every effort to advance and seek reasonable entertainment activities are existing。

41、一切在於人,一切為瞭人。——高爾基 Everything is the people, everything for the people。