1、沒有無義務的權利,也沒有無權利的義務。——馬克思 There is no right without obligation, no no rights obligations。

2、有良知的人有責任心和事業心。——蘇霍姆林斯基 Conscientious people a sense of responsibility and the dedication to work。

3、改造自己,總比禁止別人來得難。——魯迅 Change themselves, always more difficult than ban on others。

4、社會猶如一條船,每個人都要有掌舵的準備。——易卜生 Society is like a boat, everyone has to have pilots to prepare。

5、人生須知負責任的苦處,才能知道有盡責的樂趣。——梁啟超 Responsible misery life guidelines, a conscientious interesting to know。

6、一個人若是沒有熱情,他將一事無成,而熱情的基點正是責任心。——列夫?托爾斯泰 For example, if a person is no passion, he will accomplish nothing, and warm basis points it is sense of responsibility。

7、教師的威信首先建立在責任心上。——馬卡連柯 Teacher’s prestige first built on a responsibility heart。

8、我們為祖國服務,也不能都采用同一方式,每個人應該按照資稟,各盡所能。——歌德 We serve the motherland, also cannot use the same way, everyone should according to the information, from each according to his ability。

9、我們是國傢的主人,應該處處為國傢著想。——佚名 We are the master of the country, should be everywhere in the nation’s sake。

10、一切責任的第一條:不要成為懦夫。——羅曼?羅蘭 All responsibilities of the first: don’t be a coward。