1、幸運並非沒有恐懼和煩惱;厄運並非沒有安慰與希望。——培根 Prosperity is not without fears and disasters; Adversity is not without comforts and hopes。

2、順境中的好運,為人們所希冀;逆境中的好運,則為人們所驚奇。——培根 In the good luck, hope for people; Good luck in adversity, for people by surprise。

3、堅定的前進者盡管也有停歇的時候,卻勇往直前。——赫伯特 Firm along while also have a rest, but go forward。

4、最困難的時候,也就是離成功不遠的時候。——拿破侖 The most difficult time, which is not far from success

5、當你希望成功,當以恒心為良友。——愛迪生 When you wish to succeed, and perseverance as friend。

6、上天完全是為瞭堅強你的意志,才在道路上設下重重的障礙。——泰戈爾 God fully is to strength your will, just set the heavy obstacles on the road。

7、大自然把人們困在黑暗之中,迫使人們永遠向往光明。——歌德 Nature people trapped in the darkness, forcing people to always aspire to light。

8、上天給人一份困難時,同時也給人一份智慧。——雨果 God gives a person a difficulties, also give a person a wisdom。

9、逆境展示奇才,順境隱沒英才。——霍勒斯 Adversity shows wizards, prosperity of person of outstanding ability。

10、應該懂得這樣一個道理:要努力,努力,再努力;如果開始不成功,還要努力,努力,再努力。——希克森 Should understand a truth: to work hard, work hard, try again; If the start is not successful, more effort, work hard, try again。

11、困難與折磨對於人來說,是一把打向坯料的錘,打掉的應是脆弱的鐵屑,鍛成的將是鋒利的鋼刀。——契訶夫 Difficulties and suffering for people, is a hit to the blank hammer, abortion should be fragile iron, forging, will be a sharp steel knife。

12、人在逆境裡比在顧境裡更能堅強不屈,遭厄運時比交好運時更容易保全身心。——雨果 People in adversity than in gu condition can strong, more bad luck than good luck when easier to preserve the body and mind。

13、走自己的路讓別人去說吧。——但丁 Go your own way let others say。

14、痛苦留給的一切,請細加回味!苦難一經過去,苦難就變為甘美。——歌德 For all the pain, please fine aftertaste! Suffering is the past, suffering becomes sweet。

15、物不經鍛煉,終難成器;人不得切琢,終不成人。——李贄 Content without exercise, makes out; People may not be cut cut, but it will not adults。

16、有困難是壞事也是好事,(next88)困難會逼著人想辦法,困難環境能鍛煉出人才來。——徐特立 It is bad to have difficulty is also good, difficulties will force people to find a way to, difficult environment can exercise the talent。

17、冬天已經到來,春天還會遠嗎?——雪萊 Winter has come, can spring be far behind?

18、能克服困難的人,可使困難化為良機。——丘吉爾 To overcome the difficulties, can make the difficulties into opportunities。

19、最有學問和最有見識的人總是很謹慎的。——盧梭 Knowledge and most the most knowledgeable people are always very cautious。

20、千倉萬箱非一耕所得,幹天之木非旬日所長。——葛洪 Thousand warehouse box than one farming income, dry wood, director of ten day of days。

21、世上本沒有路,走的人多瞭便成瞭路。——魯迅 This no way in the world, more people became walk。

22、任何問題都有解決的辦法,無法可想的事是沒有的。——愛迪生 Any problem has a solution, not to think about things is not。

23、極度的痛苦才是精神的最後解放者,惟有此種痛苦,才強迫我們大徹大悟。——尼采 Anguish is the spirit of the liberator, but this kind of pain, just forced us to understand。

24、天下無難事,唯堅忍二字,為成功之要訣。——黃興 The world is difficult, only perseverance, is the key to success。

25、在災難面前不屈服,而應更加勇敢地去正視它。——維吉爾 In front of the disaster does not yield, and should be more brave to face it。

26、患難可以試驗一個人的品格,非常的境遇方可以顯出非常的氣節。——莎士比亞 Adversity can test a person’s character, very the plight of the party can show very integrity。

27、最可怕的敵人,就是沒有堅強的信念。——羅曼?羅蘭 The most terrible enemy is no strong belief。

28、無論在什麼時候,永遠不要以為自己已經知道瞭一切。——巴甫洛夫 No matter when, don’t ever think you already know it all。

29、累累的創傷,就是生命給你的最好的東西,因為在每個創傷上在都標示著前進的一步。——羅曼?羅蘭 Debt-laden trauma, the best things is life to you, because in all marked on each trauma step forward。

30、隻有經過地獄般的磨練,才能煉出創造天堂的力量。隻有流過血的手指,才能彈奏出世間的絕唱。——泰戈爾 Only through the hellish hone, can have the power to create heaven。 Only through the blood fingers, to play the swan song of the world。

31、為山者基於一簣之土,以成千丈之峭;鑿井者起於三寸之坎,以就萬仞之深。——劉晝 Based on an effort that brings about the final success for mountain soil, with thousands of zhangs forms; Sinking in three inches of candy, with hh is deep。

32、天下無難事,隻怕有心人。天下無易事,隻怕粗心人。——袁牧 The world is difficult if you put your heart into it。 The world is easy, careless people。

33、凡人便是生知之資,也須下困學勉行的工夫方得。——朱熹 Man is born to know the information, it’s must be trapped under the working time too。

34、必須體驗過痛苦,才體會到生的快樂。——大仲馬 Have to experience pain, feel the happiness。

35、天下之事在人為,決不可以一時之波瀾遂自毀其壯志。——羅澤南 The period of the world, and never can be the waves of then self-destruct its ambitions。

36、順境的美德是節制,逆境的美德是堅韌,這後一種是較為偉大的德性。——培根 In the virtues of moderation, adversity virtue is tenacious, the latter is a great virtue。

37、逆境能打敗弱者而造就強者。——尼克松 Adversity can beat the weak and the strong。

38、偉大的事業是根源於堅韌不斷的工作,以全副精神去從事,不避艱苦。——羅素 Great cause is rooted in tough work, with full spirit to do, not hard。

39、一個人的價值和評價在於心靈與意志。——蒙田 And evaluation of a person’s value lies in the mind and will。

40、在人生的道路上,誰都會遇到困難和挫折,就看你能不能戰勝它。戰勝瞭,你就是英雄,就是生活的強者。——張海迪 On the way of life, who will encounter difficulties and setbacks, will see if you can overcome it。 Defeated, you are a hero, is the strong of life。

41、咬定青山不放松,立根原在破巖中。千磨萬擊還堅勁,任爾東南西北風。——鄭板橋 Maintain castle peak does not relax, vertical root in the rock。 Thousands of mill strike also hard, ren erdong south northwest wind。